I’m david regal and I can’t tell you how many times my magical life has been saved with not this They walked into an office they say that’s mr. Anderson show them some magic I know what you’re thinking I left my deck at home. Well, if my thumb tip at home while all bosses named mr Anderson well not this this all you needs a piece of paper a couple pencils of hand and you can perform a feat of mentalism, that seems like a Bazaar of courage people look at each other wonders that really happen This is gonna be I’m gonna take a wild wild guess I’m gonna put this prediction right there. I can’t change it right sittin right there You hand out business cards, you have them make simple shapes on the business cards a star is good And whatever you want fold up the business cards They hand you one over but they almost went over there didn’t they almost pick this one, but they did pick This for push for them to meet from anywhere Yeah, three more to go that one keep going okay one more oh I thought you were gonna go there you didn’t Okay Yeah, I don’t want to touch it I don’t touch what’d you get what’d you get Trying trying go I guess the trigger I thought you’re gonna be I was wrong. I thought you’re gonna go here But you know before we started I Drew something. Yeah. I said not the circle the triangle not this this So thank you. Thank you for following along on the train tracks of like Your prediction doesn’t just show the one they ended on it shows the one they almost It’s a double predation They’re insane When you’re done with the effect you can leave everything with them there’s nothing to find no secret to unearth I’m David regal and I guarantee you you will find time