Ah, wut a butiful day! oops, no! (Time 2 be hero.) Ooh! I am late no, Ugh… Time 4 plan B Wut the?? Oops yummy Oooh…stop that yummy bb (microwave ringing) Ah. I am late…again! (ringing sound) want to eat So many foods 2 choose from Hey good lookin. where is my food? Yummy yummy, time to fill me tummy. Hi Ooh food. Wut the?? ha ha ha, Kati is laughing. This gonna be good. Wait, this that crazy spider! my food Huh? cat come here! Wut the?? Oh no! is it jelly? Wooooow! tasty food Where’s my phone? yummy (Magical food) oh, marshmallows how delicious help Wut the?? my cat is lost Guys, i can’t find my cat If you know where my cat is, write it in the comments below. My cat loves Likes! And how I dance 🙂