So yes as you guys saw until the time of this video we’re going back to the Disney Store for another Disney Kiai, my frozen kind of aimed merchandise going on we’re Advertising today. It’s gonna be so so much fun. I’m excited to get another key This one is for frozen – I found out about this key I got she ordered something from shop Disney and they set like a little paper about it, but they’ve also been posting stuff online on Disney Store and events like through the shop Disney website so make sure you guys check that if you’re interested of Information about when keys are gonna be released and stuff that’s happening at the Disney Store. So let’s head inside and get in line Yeah, unfortunately the keys are forgetting it over Coming right inside the store before we get our key. We have the new frozen to a display We see costumes and many of them plush. These are gonna be the new tanks for all of the merchandise the plush are 2295 they’re like bigger plush and All of them are like the same size But they have all of the new costumes on the characters new cups and even new figures available With all their new outfits look really really pretty. Oh my gosh we have all the new dolls and figures these are 1495 a piece and there are so so many new ones on the back here We even have some new costume pieces and some other fun new plush We have our new look favorite pet your absolutely. Love this little guy. This is 1195 for the smaller ones and it’s just a salamander on hit but he’s adorable. I’m so excited for him in the new They even have a frozen to advent calendar. These have the little animator dolls in them And here’s just quick look at the bag. It’s really really cute. This is 59.95 Includes two dolls, and then you get all the accessories each day we have a bigger frozen to display here on this side with a lot of stuff that has already came out before but majority of This stuff is new you can see their new dresses. They have ready an out for Halloween We can see different clothing Jackets hats and even boots seem to all of the outfits even have the wigs to go with the outfits as well Around the rescue story here We have 30% off all cost missing accessories for Halloween Halloween is this month and I’m very excited for all the fun at costumes. These costumes are beautiful Although they are very very expensive. This one here specifically is in 99 95 and they all go down from there. Most of the other kids princess dresses are $44.99 these ones that are on kind of like these leathery hangers are about $100 And then these other ones are around 45 just you guys know. I’m just gonna kind of pan through them So you guys can see some of the really pretty dresses are out right now They’re beautiful. If you’re looking to get some for the Disney parks, definitely come and pick them up go to the Disney Store They’re probably cheaper and better quality here than they are at the parks. Unless you go to the bippity Boppity boutique They have to dress it up super nice and they have all the accessories next to it And I did show all of these along with the prices in my last toy hunt, which I’ll also have link down below Here on the other side of the store we go from frozen to Star Wars the rise of Skywalker for the force Friday Merchandise, there’s also some of Avengers costumes and merchandise over here again prices are just about the same 44 95 for these items As well. It looks like they’re getting a lot of their kind of Christmasy items out here We have these Star Wars advent calendar. This is 280 pieces. This is 4495 and there’s even a little santa pork up there Which I think’s super fun the first rise of Skywalker item that I did see so far. Here is a Figure set you can even see a new droid unit in there and this is all new characters and their new costumes the both of these sets are 2695 and they even have a first order of set with different variations of kylo Ren and other stormtroopers also 2695 Overview of the new stuff that I can see and I’ll try to give you guys crazy that’s crazy right now I will be playing back the DC store next The first Halloween party, you see guys can see all of that merchandise and all that some coming soon So please subscribe to my channel if you guys like this video and let’s keep looking The last bit of Star Wars merchandise here in the middle is some fun Sweatshirts and long-sleeve shirts for the fall. This is supreme leader. It’s a super giant thick Sweatshirt, it has kylo Ren with a cracks down his little mask there has some of the logos on the side. This is 4995 and the other two new shirts here are is actually a spirit jersey this spirit Rosiest 6495 it has kylo Ren and raised liked him on the front I love the star print on it and the back has the rise of Skywalker logo. That’s super fun I really like coats all stars on it We have a bounty hunter shirt, which looks super fun and comfy. This is like a spirit jersey type shirt and it says the Mandalorian on it. So Disney Plus merchandise is now available at the Disney Store And the last do I know I see here on this display? Is this Star Wars iron-on patch set and it just goes over? Iconic stands for all of the movies kind of actually going in order which is really really fun. This is 3995 on the other side of that shirt display they had more Mandalorian stuff like this Mandalorian print looks beautiful. I’m very excited to watch that show I did get Disney plus I will be making videos about it this make sure you guys subscribe so you guys do not miss it There’s other fun new rise up Skywalker merchandise like this fun backpack for the first-order and other fun PJ sets more Mandalorian t-shirts for 3495 They all say the Mandalorian they’e Boba Fett type silhouettes on them. I’m right above a bag may have some ornaments I really like this bb-8 one really really cool The Decius ornaments are very very well detailed and I love how they have the little Felt on them so you don’t have to worry about getting hooks for them just super super convenient and some of them actually light up The last items below the ornaments are actually these coin sets. These are saga claim sets this is the one of three and Then it has all the episode numbers there on the back It’s 49.95 percent and they come in this really nice plastic case to display them in They also have the third of the series. I do not see the second one, but they’re really cool coins But it looks like those have some really cool pins. There’s a Mandalorian pin limited release disneystore Pin, this is an official 2019 pin training pin and it reads house 415 at 95 I’m super surprised already if there’s a a Disney Plus pin and Merchandise at the Disney Store right now. I’m just surprised that they’re already like merchandise You guys need merchandise for this new show that you just paid for very excited Co Disney Plus goes very surprises merchandise a very very new specialty item that is now available at Disney stores is The merchandise that you’ll see at Disney parks This is a new jewelry line kind of at least at Disney parks a while ago, but it is now available at Disney Stores I’m very excited about this. I love the new jewelry in things So they have the birthstone Mickey head earrings and they even come with the little bag These are in 1995. This just reminds me so much of looking through the world of Disney store They have the letter or necklaces and they look like Minnie Mouse They even have a little sparkly Minnie behind them. These are 1995 for the necklaces below that we have some other fun Necklaces, these are Slovak ski crystals for most of these these necklaces are also 1995 there’s a Mickey head. There’s even a castle there’s some frozen ones as well and there’s even many years Super super cute so glad these are now available at Disney Stores They’re great gifts and they’re available now on the other side that jewelry stand that they have other Merchandise related to Disney Princesses. This is the midnight masquerade These are different little lipsticks and designs are gonna have an event for this and they have Burton masks available They’re really really pretty in their theme in different characters There’s actually gonna be a Disney Store event all about this and they have special designer collection dolls And even a special designer collection pin set. These are matte Finished series one of two midnight masquerade pin. These are 39.95 Here is the other pen set. This is 49.95. This is insane. This is absolutely beautiful Extremely extremely well detailed these pins are heavy. They’re amazing These are official Disney pin trading pins as well over here at the costume corner We can see more Star Wars merchandise again Everything right now is 34 self because Halloween is coming up here in just a few weeks and they need to get the Christmas Merchandise out. So we have more of the Halloween specific merchandise like a nightmare for Christmas I showed a lot of this stuff to you guys before But it looks like they added more coco merchandise to the mix so they even have new shufflers of dante Ernesto and amigo and they have a figure set for knees. I haven’t seen this set yet These are also 2695 and you can see a lot of them very very well detailed characters in there especially Dante looks Amazing. They have the Cocos soundtrack and even some coconut mugs as well. This looks like a new design I really like the handle is Ernesto’s guitar That’s supercool 1695 for this mug it looks like they also released some new shufflers since the last time I was here Christmas Jack and Sally I brought to mention the schaeffler czar 1295 each I love how they even read themed of the boxes for each character great for displaying these new characters Another new item here. Is this really cool buggy buggy. This is like a stitched boogy boogy. It’s a super neon green It’s 1495 and it just looks older. It looks super cute. If you just send out a chair very like subtle themed It looks like an older toy. There’s a new little zero plush I’m noticing a lot of the new night before Christmas stuff has this new tag on it? So anything I showed in this video that kind of is this purple is brand new This little tiny plushies here. Looks like a little beanie baby type plush zero is 9.95 The last new night before Christmas item that I see here is another twenty six and ninety five figure set These figures are very very well detailed I know I said that in every single video But they’re truly amazing and I look like they’re just in the perfect display box as well You can stack them on top of each other and display them That’s a really really cool set and I like how they are making new Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise The movie was so like underrated and now it’s starting to get the attention that it deserves Continuing with the Halloween theme we still have our disneyland 50th Haunted Mansion display out but clock is still here Along with that ornament that we saw earlier, but there also is another ornament available. We have the little gargoyle stand This is 24.95 and this actually lights up We have some other fun mugs and there’s even a Haunted Mansion perfume now available. That is really really pretty I feel like this is actually an item. I’ve seen at the Disney parks before Something similar to that. So it’s really interesting. They’re starting to get like parks merchandise here some shirts again We saw in our last video, but they’re all still here Restocked and they got a lot of new sweatshirts and other items perfect for the fall The last little bit of Halloween merchandise for this section is all Disney Villains being there’s a bunch of new shirts They’re like super long They have fun cutoff sleeves everything again rape the punks our long sleeve, but they’re still thin So if it’s hot, you’re all ready to go They’re this fun comic book themed and they have all of the villains themed to them these are 34.9 five just because there’s a lot of bedazzles and things on them for 50 to 95 you can get this a really cool Disney Villains Evil Queen and duress There are also two lounge fly bags available the Evil Queen and Maleficent these are the good quality ones with the leather straps for 69.95 each follow the exclusive Mickey Mouse and Nineteen-year shufflers are all here They have a nice display of all of them and they look so much fun right here off of the shuffle errs They have new lounge fly bags of a Mickey and Friends 6495 for this and there’s even a matching wallet for 3495 they have special portfolios that even says Burbank in 1928 on it. It has the Mickey silhouette and it is 29.95 They still have the Mickey kind of club jackets along lot of other fun news. So wet shirts are good making friends on them Oh my goodness. Here’s a new club member jacket that says 55 on it It has been Mickey Mouse logo on the back. It’s so cute There’s kind of one of the shirts looks like and also I don’t know what this is doing here But this is a Disney parks Tiki Room IPhone xmax case this is 59.95 Just got the ferry back there. They have all this me making stuff out and I don’t know. Well hi. Oh my goodness There’s this 90th anniversary of the silly symphony. It has a little Foods on it This is a pen set of ten limitation of 1000 comes in a really really nice box It is a 129 95 Oh fun special kind of retro jackets are super modern at the same time, but there 39.95 And they also I’m matching like kids shirts as well The holographic lounge fly bags are here perfect to take me to the parks and different places that require clear bags. This is 7995 they also have different chokers and bracelets and They even have the Disney parks key chains that are the Minnie Mouse ears They’re 14.95 here. And this is the silver holographic one here on the other side of the shufflers display There’s more new Mickey Mouse and Friends merchandise They still have the Mickey 90 golden leather plush for 1495 They have the other fun stationery, but they’re keeping this kind of rainbowy themed with their Mickey and Friends items It says hello folks from Burbank, California, and these are embroidered little bags 4495 for those $64.99 for the matching mickey mouse luggage. This is absolutely adorable. I love its retro modern cute great for any age They have this adorable sweatshirt that has Mickey with those same colors. It’s a uniform fit They have matching pants These shirts are mine me of Tokyo Disney with the all-over embroidered blueprint So so much fun Like old like college you typed shirts. They have a Donald Jersey they even have a making friends spirit Jersey and it says feeling classic on the back Oh my gosh, everything’s so adorable the other new spirit jersey Is this Wally spirit Jersey for 6495? It has Wally on the front and it says Wally on the back and it’s like Holographic and there is even an even as well I’m not seeing it at this Disney Store, though our last two new items on this display are the new lilo & stitch lounge fly items for 29.95 there’s this little clutch got a lilo purse and this home is my absolute favorite a lounge fly backpack I love the textures on it. I love the art style of the characters. This is 5995 They still have that little mermaid display that I showed you guys last time But there are two items here that are brand new that I wanted to share Tiny big things. These are fun little mermaid characters. They’re so cute They have a bunch of them And the other new item is this new sequenced Little mermaid lounge fly. This is really really pretty you would actually match my spirit jersey right now And it has the little metal Ariel there at the bottom Fun holographic bad. This is 69.95 I’m not going to be able to show the entire Disney Store today, but I wish you guys the last of the Halloween merchandise available 30% off still with all of these items we have light-up sweatshirts matching adults and kids and their little Mickey’s skeleton hoodies All those same matching t-shirts and pajama sets and this is the item that you will receive at the Halloween event This is seven dollars. This is the Mickey Mouse plush This reminds me so so much of the Disney Land model of this that they have at the end of Main Street It is an adorable teeny tiny little plush and when you put it in the palm of your hand it actually lights up If you set it on the ground if you send it on a table If you said it anywhere else see it will not light up But if I hold that in my hand Then it will so it’s very very magical and here are the dates For the Halloween party guys are interested You do have to reserve your spot online at shop slash events. I’ll be doing a video on this next week so make sure you guys subscribe so you do not miss that the last of the Halloween’s specific merchandise is the Disney parks a bubble wand this is 1995 and they also have the adorable Mickey pumpkin light-up a lanyard necklace. This is 1595 and it flashes and lights up you guys can see there These are the 2019 Mickey and Minnie polish for 1495 dressed up on their Halloween costumes It’s vampire Mickey and Minnie and the last item here specific to Halloween. Is this adorable glow-in-the-dark? Fluorescent Mickey bucket, it does not light up. It just glows in the dark. It is 19 and 95 They have one left. A lot of people have been buying that for their item for the key. There’s still a long line of The last items we’re gonna take a look at in this video are the new Christmas 2019 items These are all brand new and new theming new designs first items over here are the stockings are making mini stockings They’re absolutely adorable. I love the colors. They’re in 1995 each they’re really really well made really soft below that we have a fun blanket looks very like royal and fancy 3495 for the blanket. We also have a light-up tree topper with Tinkerbell sitting on top of this star very very magical 3495 for the tree topper. Hello that we have all the kids items little PJ’s are so 1695 for the set and there’s also the adult sets for 29.95 Below that we have a present sack with making friends on it. This is 29.95 and there’s also a tree skirt that looks very very magical 7495 for the tree skirt It is a really big tree skirt below that may be one of my new Favorite Christmas items a super big advent calendar you hang this on a door at the bottom here? We have this super adorable Mickey Mouse and each little pocket has a fun Little plush inside and you stick them there overtop of a number How cute is that and that comes in a box? I was just the display version So you guys won’t get any missing pieces if you do buy it like that. So that’s 59.95 for that adorable little advent calendar We have another light up a tree topper again same price, but it has Mickey and Minnie on the top another really really Cute of stocking. These are also 1995 I really like the Simple Mickey head a print that they have on the stocking but it has a little present with a little flush Mickey or Minnie Inside we have our new ugly Christmas sweaters for this season. They have Mickey on them with candy canes snow flakes. These are 49.95. I actually bought one of the ones from last year and they’re super good quality they end up at last until the end of The season so you can probably wait and get them on sale then if you’re interested, that’s just another little inside tip They have these adorable Mickey and Friends plates with the new design on them. They’re 24 and 95 They have fun little aprons and other little cooking type where they’re gonna get a lot more Christmas merchandise than this They just started putting it out early We have adorable mouths for 1495 there are three different versions of this one even has a built in cookie pocket to keep your cookies and your Milk, and next to each other. They have fun little hats and they even have a naughty lace stitch plush This is very similar to Elf on the Shelf the last Christmas display here in the back includes Adorable tiny little plush characters like Winnie the Pooh dressed up and piglet and Mickey and Minnie These are the small 995 plush, and they also have a bunch of t-shirts if you’re going to the park for the holidays You may want to pick these up before heading down there really cute ugly Christmas sweater T-shirts they’ve them for adults and kids you guys cannot match for a picture They also have ornaments and the ornaments are currently buy one get one 50% off they ranged from 1695 to 1995 The newest ones I really want to show you guys were these adorable Disney cupcake ones you guys remember I love these cuddles plush There’s a brand new one Mickey Mouse so here is our frozen key. It is all clear has the adorable crystals inside and even the literally They’re on the de and the castle is also clear and sparkly as well And then it has the frozen to you when you hang on it so I think you guys enjoyed this video checking out of New York Rosen too much advice getting lip frozen to See, I’m so glad we did it and add it to my collection Make sure you guys check out my other key Like toy ones down below in the description I really like checking out all of the new Star Wars merchandise, but making merchandise Christmas Merchandise, there’s so so much fun stuff coming to the Disney Store I’m gonna have a lot of blogs coming soon show you guys all the new merchandise Please subscribe stay tuned for that and I hope you guys have a wonderful day Remember to do what you love and it makes you happy and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye