– Hello and welcome to
“Junk Drawer Magic.” – Where we teach you magic
out of things you can find in your junk drawer. – And today is the most
wonderful time of the year, Thanksgiving. – Why do you love
Thanksgiving so much? – What’s not to love? The tradition, the meals, the magical hand turkey
named Thankful Thaddeus? – Thankful Thaddeus? – Yeah, he judges whether
you’re bad and good and either gives
you a pumpkin pie or attacks you with
his laser eyes. – I don’t remember that
part of Thanksgiving. – But the best part? The food. And the best part of the food? The leftovers. It’s like having
Thanksgiving all over again. Here, have some mashed potatoes. – This is an empty bag, Walker. – Uh, don’t be so sure, Akira. Thanksgiving is a magical time. Just say something
you’re thankful for. – Fine. I’m thankful for this
year’s “Junk Drawer Magic.” We’ve made some great tricks. – What a nice thing
to be thankful for. I’m thankful for
mashed potatoes. – [Akira] Whoa! – See? Being thankful can be magical. – Okay, thanks for the trick. How’d you do it? – We’ll show you how to
do this trick right now. Let’s go to the junk drawer. For this trick you’ll need
white kitchen sponges, a beige Sharpie, a
black Sharpie, scissors, and a box of Ziploc bags. First, make your
mashed potatoes. Cut off the rough
side of the sponge. Cut a slice in the corner and the rest should
peel off easily. Now cut up the white sponge
into small bite-sized chunks. Round the edges to
give it a lumpy look. Next, super-glue them together to make them look like
lumped-up mashed potatoes. Make sure to size
up the potatoes so they can fit in the bag. Set that aside and take
out a sandwich bag. Use your black Sharpie to
write Magical Mashed Potatoes on your bag. Now put the fake mashed
potatoes in your bag. Wad up the potatoes in your
left hand to hide them. Finally, place your hand with
the bag into the sandwich box. Now it just looks like
you’re holding the box. That’s all the prep. Now for the trick. So start, show off your box
and hand a bag to your friend. Explain that these
are magical leftovers where food might
magically appear. Then, take out
your gimmicked bag and place your hand in, showing
that there’s nothing in it, while holding your
sponge in your left hand. Then, crumple up your bag and
release the sponge to show your magical mashed potatoes. And that’s the trick. (intense music) – Thanks for watching
“Junk Drawer Magic.” (turkey gobbling) – Oh, it’s time for a visit from Thankful Thaddeus
the hand turkey. (explosion) (Thaddeus gobbles) – Oh, you’re right. I did help that old
lady cross the road. (explosion) Thanks! – Hey, why don’t I have pie? (Thaddeus gobbles) (dramatic sting) How did you know about that? – You cheated on a math test? – Algebra is hard! X isn’t a number! (Thaddeus gobbles) Oh! (explosions) (screaming) (Thaddeus gobbles)