When did this new beauty parlor start? It’s opened today. Look at the crowd. There is already a line. I have heard that they cut your hair exactly how you say you want it. Oh my lord!! I have 20 years of experience in cutting hair. Come, let’s go and see how they are cutting, anyways I need a haircut. Let us go. My name is Julie. Welcome to Scissors beauty parlor. Which one of you wants a haircut? You will get the exact same haircut that you want. Hey, let me have the haircut first. What sort of a haircut do you want? Anything you want. But, you must be having some hairstyle in your mind? Yes, give him a film hero’s cut. No, give him a haircut like a king. A king’s haircut is old style now, give him a latest style so that my Ghasitaram looks like a hero. I am saying the exact same thing. Give him a film hero’s style hair cut. Please say one thing, the scissor is getting confused. Scissor is getting confused? Yes, I mean I am getting confused. Oh my lord!! You have made me bald. Sorry, you don’t pay me. All of you gave different suggestions for the hairstyle and confused my scissor. I mean confused me. How was this scissor moving on its own? What is this magic? I’ll tell you. I can read people’s mind. You like samosas, so here, take a samosa haircut. Big brother, help!! Somebody help me!! What is all this? This is my grandfathers magic scissor. It cuts hair on its own. But it makes a mistake always and then I have to leave town. I can’t even leave her and go, it just follows me. You don’t worry, we will do something. Stop! I don’t want a haircut. Your haircut is done. Anyone else? I don’t want a samosa haircut. What is this automatic haircut scissor? Motu, this haircut suits you, haha!!! There is nothing laughable about that. Looks like I’ll have to give you a haircut too. Brother boxer, run away. This is a magical scissor. If it comes behind you, it will not leave you without giving you a haircut. Let it even try and touch me. I will break it into pieces. No!! Help!! Let me see, give it quick. No! Mummy!! Do you want a haircut? Oh my god!! What have you done? Look, there is the scissor. It’s cutting that mans hair. There is a magnet in the hands of this outfit. When it comes to the bearskin to cut the hair, you grab it. It will not be able to escape this magnet. Go! All the best! Oh lord, please help me. Hey! Come here, let’s see how you cut my hair. You’re on! You are that samosas man. Did you not like that haircut? If you have the guts then come to the front. Why are you hiding like a scared little thing behind my back! You tricked me! Never mind, now you travel with me. Hey! Stop! Where are you taking me? Someone stop this. You were very enthusiastic about catching me, now feel happy roaming with me. What are you doing? I don’t want to get my hair cut. Sorry, brother. You will have to get it cut, even if you don’t pay for it. Doctor Jhatka, will this Chinese plait idea work? You don’t worry. This plait is made of steel. When the scissor goes to cut it, the scissor will break. Ok Patlu, all the best. I’m so sorry that you all are being troubled so much because of my scissor. Someone save me from this scissor. Anyways I have very little hair and its cutting off what little is there. Hey Scissor! If you are really courageous then come and cut my hair. A long plait, wow! You tricked me, this is not hair, it is metal. Now you just wait and watch, what I do. Where are you running? Stop!! Sorry!! Motu, do something. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. You think of something. Idea! Eat some samosas and get started. Motu, don’t get scared, I am here. Why fear when Chingam is here! I am with you!! Oh my lord! Who is he helping? Motu or the scissor? Good work Motu! Show it, what all you can do once you have eaten samosas. Motu you win, bye bye.