– Hello and welcome
to Junk Drawer magic. – Where we teach you magic, out of things you can
find in your junk drawer. (coughs) – Walker are you okay? – I’m so thirsty, I was
up all night last night, recording my new
song, French Fry Lady. To bad my throat is to raspy, or I could sing it
for you right now. – Yeah definitely too bad. – Man I am thirsty. – Well I do have this
juice right here. – That’s an empty bottle Akira. – I wouldn’t be so sure. Unscrew it, if I stick a straw inside it. (gasps) It sure looks like I have
a juice box in my hand. – Whoa – We’ll show you how to
do this trick right now. Let’s go to the junk drawer. For this trick you’ll need two
white bendy drinking straws, tape, sandwich bags, a water
bottle, a blue Sharpie, scissors and blue juice. To start make your trick straw. Take a straw and measure
about two finger down from the bendy part. Cut the straw here and
keep the bendy side. Now, take another straw and
cut just below the bendy part. For that straw cut
the top at an angle, keep the straight part. Now you should have two
pieces that look like this. Next grab a piece of tape,
tape around the bendy part to connect the two straws. (upbeat guitar) It should look like a T shape. Now you’re gonna make
your hidden juice pouch. Take out a sandwich bag,
cut off one of the corners of the sandwich bag. (upbeat music) Then tape the
opening of your pouch to the hidden straw piece. (upbeat music) Tape around the edges of the
pouch until it’s air tight. Now, take out your water bottle. Crush the bottle. Take a blue Sharpie and draw
over the top of your cap. (upbeat music) Finally, take the blue juice
and pour it into the straw. This will fill the hidden pouch. And that’s all the
prep, now for the trick. Start with your hidden pouch
concealed in your palm, like this. Next pick up your
crushed water bottle, unscrew the cap and uncrunch it. Show off the empty
bottle to your audience before putting your straw in and then squeezing the bottle. While you squeeze the bottle,
squeeze the hidden pouch in your palm. Take the straw out of the bottle and show off your
empty bottle once more. That’s the trick. – Cool I’ll give it a shot. (upbeat music) – Thanks for watching
Junk Drawer Magic. – And now for the world premier, of the French Fry Lady
music video directed by me. (upbeat music) ♪ Oh there’s something
special tonight. ♪ ♪ French Fry Lady, now
you’ve got me messed up, ♪ ♪ dressed up in your ketchup,
not about those tater tots. ♪ ♪ Say no to potatoes, you’re
the only golden girl for me. ♪ ♪ French Fry Lady. ♪ ♪ (upbeat guitar) ♪ ♪ French Fry Lady. ♪