hello guys my name is why and I know this is not typical magic video but today it’s gonna be a special day so make sure to subscribe to my channel before we start because you don’t want to miss it sometimes I will post some blogs every single week we will have a magic video but during the week maybe I post spontaneous vlogs so today I’m in London heading to YouTube space [Music] we get out of the tea and right now we are heading to YouTube space beautiful here see beautiful space and let’s find YouTube space let’s go inside we are here in YouTube Japan I’m gonna buy everything [Music] we did some crazy shopping in you YouTube shop we are hanging out on this beautiful balcony here native spaceless may even do right now we’re going back downstairs to start preparing this show [Music] this guy’s amazing do the devil Osby he must you’re amazing Wow that’s incredible I don’t believe that you my friend are magician [Music] that’s really crazy have no idea how you do this [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we just did the show and it was amazing like audience was amazing ten out of ten magic not so amazing two out of ten but you know they liked it so it’s kind of fun and right now we’re gonna hang out and during some coca-cola let me do some Cartman [Music]