-Welcome back to the show, uh… -Thank you so much
for having me. This is nice. -Uh, yeah, it’s good to have you
on here, and at the desk. How’s the family? Everyone good? -Yeah, I just had a baby,
actually. -I know you did. Yeah, exactly.
Congratulations! -Thank you. I appreciate it. -Now, you just came in right
now, you shook my hand. -Yes. -Now, that, already, I feel like something happened to me already. -It might have. It might have. Uh, actually, I’d like to try
something with you, right now. It’s actually one of my most
favorite creations. -Okay. -But, before we do that, I got
to warm up a little bit. So, quite literally, we’re gonna
do something with some fire, with some matches. -Okay. -I have a pack of matches here, and I don’t know if you
can see this, but I’d like you to just touch
one of those matches, any one at all. -Okay. That one.
-That one right there. We’re gonna take it out. -Okay. -I want you to hold onto
that match. And I’m gonna close
the match pack. And I want you to hold out
your hand. -Okay. -Fantastic. I won’t burn you. -[ Laughs ]
This is his trick. -Squeeze those matches tight. -Yep. Okay. [ Blows lightly ] [ Laughter ] -Did you feel — Did you feel that? -I… -Well, you feel — -I mean, am I supposed to be
turned on, or what the…? [ Laughter ] I mean, so far, it’s working
for me. This is, uh —
This is fantastic. -Jimmy, open up your hand. Open up the matches. Take a look inside. -Whoa. -Inside, a match. And check that out. That is actually reattached
on there. -Wow.
-But, wait, wait. Okay, so, that’s sort of
the warm-up. We’re gonna take this just
a little bit further, okay? I want you —
-I would take that. I mean, I’m psyched without even
knowing how the hell… How’d that happen? -Hold on. Hold your hand out
again. I want you to hold the matches
again. We’re gonna do a card trick. Okay, we’re gonna take it
a little bit further by doing a card trick. I’ve got a deck of cards here,
and I’m gonna go through them, and in a second, what I want you
to do is, as I sort of riffle through
them… -Mm-hmm.
-…I just want you to say,
“Stop,” whenever you want. -Sure.
-Okay, so, here we go. -Stop. -Right there? -Yes.
-Look at the card. -Yeah.
-Remember it. Just remember it. You see it?
-I see it. Yes. -Commit it to memory. Lock that image in your head. -Got it.
-Okay? Nice. Perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Uh… [ Laughter ] Jimmy, I want you to place your
other hand on top of the deck. -Okay.
-Good. I want you to look at me. I want you to think of the card. Now, in the deck, there’s
red cards and… Okay, good, that’s great.
That’s fantastic. -I didn’t do anything. -Okay. No, it’s a red card.
It’s a red card. Okay, good. Uh, so there’s hearts
and diamonds. You blinked. You guys see. So, it’s a diamond. -What’s going on, dude?! -There’s number cards… -Uh-huh.
-…and picture cards. [ Laughter ] I feel like you might be
throwing me off. Okay, so is it a number card? No, you’re trying to make it
a little obvious. Uh… Number card? Yeah, okay. Uh… There’s odds and evens. Odds. [ Laughter ] Odds. It might be an odd.
-Odds and evens. You would think. -Yeah. Okay, so…
-You think it’s odd. That’s funny. [ Laughter ] -You know, I’m not so sure.
Is it — Is it odd? -I mean, do you want me
to tell you? -Yeah, yeah. Odd or… I’m thinking it’s odd. -It is odd.
-Okay, okay. So, there’s a 3, there’s a 5 — Oh, there it was.
Okay, so it was a 5. [ Laughter ] -What’s going on? What are you talking about? -Was it the 5 of diamonds? -Yes! -Nice.
-Red 5 of diamonds. -Red 5 of diamonds. Here’s the crazy part. While we were doing
all of that… -Yeah? -While we were doing
all of that, your hand’s been on top
of that deck the entire time. -Yes. -Your card’s now gone. You saw that. You burned that
image into your mind? -Yeah. -Your card’s not there.
Lift up your hand. And you check this out. In the deck, there’s
a 5 of hearts, all through…no… -You’re kidding me. Don’t even.
-…5 of diamonds. All right, don’t even. -Hypothetically… -Oh, don’t even. I mean… -Where would the most impossible
place for that card to end up being? -This is insane. [ Laughter ] This is why —
This is why I love you. This is insanely — There’s no way that I-I am
holding that card. -Jimmy, turn over your hand. -This is unbelievable, man.
This is… -Open it up. -Oh. -That would’ve been cool, right?
I mean… -Yeah, that would’ve been… [ Laughter ] Well, you got me on that one.
Yeah. -But, wait. Open it up. [ Drum roll ] [ Audience “Oohs” ] -Oh, my God! Dude, what?! No way! That is awesome, dude! That is how you do it,
right there! Dan White! [ Cheers and applause ] For tickets to “The Magician,”
visit nomadupstairs.com.