– What’s up everyone, it is Collins Key and welcome to Magic Mondays. So every week I ask you guys to comment with the name
of your favorite Youtuber and then I’ll do magic for them. And as I’m looking through the comments one of the most requested
Youtubers is Zoella. So basically I did some
cheeky magic for her. Check it out. – I’m here with Collins who is – Yo, what’s up guys? – A big time magician. – [Collins] So what’s your favorite card? – Queen of Hearts. – [Collins] Queen of Hearts? Alright. Actually here, you know
what, that’s too obvious. Just touch a card, any card you want. Just touch one. That one, are you sure? – Yes. – [Collins] Okay, you
got the Sharpie right? Just on the card for us. – [Crowd Member] That card’s
now worth a million dollars. – [Girl] Yeah! Let’s sell it. (laughs) – Okay perfect, I’m going
to keep that card forever. Okay watch. You think it should be dry enough? – [Crowd Member] Is it dry? – [Collins] Yeah feel it, it
doesn’t come off or anything. Alright, here we go. Okay, you’re gonna fold it up. Can you open up your mouth for us? Just bite down on the card. Like that, here we go. And now, I’ll use my own card alright. Let’s see here. Can I see the Sharpie? I’m going to do my own
signature here on the King. (rock music) On the King, alright, this’ll be mine. You’ve got your card,
I’ve got mine, alright. Just keep it right there,
keep it right there. Alright, here we go, watch. Take the King. I’m just going to fold up the King. Alright, you ready? – [Crowd Member] You’re so nervous. – Keep your card where
it is, check it out. If I open up my King. (shouting) Film it, film it. – What the (beep) – Oh my god, that is amazing. – How did you do that? – [Crowd Member] What the (beep) (laughs) – What the hell? Was I unconscious or something? – If you guys enjoyed that cheeky magic, please give this video a huge thumbs up. And let me know which Youtuber should I do magic for next? Put their name in the comments down below and it might turn into
a Magic Mondays video. Also, I wanted to give a special shout-out to Marcus Butler who filmed this video and put it in his vlog. If you guys wanna check out his vlog, the video link is right over here. So once again you guys, my name is Collins Key. Thank you so much for watching
this week’s Magic Mondays. Peace. (upbeat music) If you guys wanna check out
last week’s Magic Mondays, I did magic to EDM and Dubstep music. I did all this crazy card flippy stuff. If you guys wanna check it out, video link is right over here. It was a lot of fun. Also, if you guys wanna
check out last week’s Thursday Vlog, I did a fan mail vlog and I got accepted to fricking Hogwarts and kinda had a mini panic attack over it. Woo! Yes. Exactly what I’m talking about. If you guys wanna check out that video, link is right over here. Bye. Can I get a hug?