TA’RHONDA JONES, “MAGICIAN”] (RAPPING) Yeah. Chk. [inaudible] [laughs] (RAPPING) Look, uh, yeah. Yeah. I’m the best. I’ve been doing like gravy. New flows, got him
pushing up daisies. So hot, now, they
better get some AC. Uh-huh. The only place I ever
lose is in your daydreams. Huk, choo. Pull up on a hater
like some Huggies. Know I got the game on
like I’m playing rugby. Royal trip, all my
pockets getting chubby. Chubby. And the motion never
stopping no gummies. Let’s go! Lately, I’d do
this on the daily. I’m the only one they
all chasing like Amy. I’m double parked and I
hopped out the Mercedes. I’ma show ’em how it’s
done, right tasty. Ooh. I can promise you it
ain’t no competition. Competition. I know everything they’re
talking about is fiction. I call it how I see it. Y’all ain’t ready
for the vision. I’m making something outta
nothing like a magician. Yeah. Uh. Bring the heat right back. I got ’em sweatin’
in the wintertime. Wintertime. Charged up, no felony. Yeah! I’m energized. Beatin’ down the track, boy,
lyrics out the [inaudible].. It’s all about the loyalty. The homie set on simple fi. Huh. Big winks for the
team like a halo. Make tracks for the
movement like a railroad. They know I’ve been
getting so much bread, I could fill your whole bag
with the crumbs like panko. Get up!