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welcome back, this… (sigh) This my office this is the kitchen area. Your not getting a full tour yet, I think were going to do that on Friday so stay tuned for Friday. Hit the notification
bell to make sure you… If ya You know whatever Okay. So today we’re gonna be
looking at something… I’ve been getting a lot of messages from a lot of people
including Mr. Noel Heath. If you don’t know Noel Heath
he’s an insane cardist, I’ve featured him before on. (ding) I’m getting a text boys One second Not now Mom, Call you later. As I was saying I’ve reacted
to his videos before. (ding) This is gonna be great, So like I said I’ve reacted
to his videos before. He actually hit me up
on the DM’s on Instagram I was like hey man, do you
wanna react to my next video. To which my reply was like, hell yes! So here we are for the first
time were gonna look at Noel Heath’s video entitled, Ace slight of hand by Noel Heath. Noel incredible cardist one of the best Cardistry guys in the world. Also studied slight of
hand magic for a long time and I guess now is where were gonna see some of that Without any further adieu Like, Smash, all that stuff. one more thing sorry, more adieu Were going to be looking also
at some really cool decks that were send to me by Dan and Dave. Were gonna have a look
at that after this video, if your interested in that,
stick around, could be cool. But lets get into, Lets
get into this right now (suspenseful music) That guy is wearing a sweater vest. oh` What? (laughing) That was actually great. (upbeat jazz) Wait what? Where did that card come from? (upbeat jazz) Literally just appeared out of nowhere. To be noted again, no magnets, strings involved This is sleight of hand. I don’t even know how
that last thing happened (upbeat jazz) Let me turn this down
a little bit here boys. Noel Albert Heath, very funny. (upbeat jazz) What is happening? I don’t even know what that was Can we just for a second? Sorry guys what, what is this change? Here we go. (upbeat jazz) No idea where that card came from. Love the drums here this is, Reminds me of Whiplash. What! These are his new cards by the way, Pretty sick. (upbeat jazz) Alright for a second I thought
I knew what was going on. (upbeat jazz) What’s happening? Dude Side note, Side bar. This is some of the most
insane sleight of hand I’ve ever seen in my life. This guy is a god, this is insane. What is happening? My brain is trying to process
half of what I just witnessed. These are these are things I’ve never seen as someone who practices sleight of hand. (upbeat jazz) Love the cardistry mix. (sighs) Argggghhhh What? What is happening? Dude, that vanish! Are you kidding me? Look at the retention. Look note the retention here, Look at his hand cover the card alright, Watch this. (upbeat jazz) Literally disappears. (upbeat jazz) What? (upbeat jazz) No no no no no no. (upbeat jazz) Ouhhhwa? (upbeat jazz) This is nuts dude! (jazz music) I hate, what I hate right now. is how trivial the music is and his stupid little sweater vest and he’s all like Do da do do do, Do da do, and its like bap bap bap. The music is actually pretty sick though Like I love the drums I love the jazzy, it’s just sort of that It’s like his… It’s like Bleh! I can’t even process words right now. Its kinda like he’s poking
fun at magicians, but like. The way he performs
sleight of hand magic is flawless, insane. With this trivial little
music and the little Ace Do da do, as if its nothing, as if
its like, as if he’s like In the 9th grade and
this is like a project for school or something. Do da doo do. This is called Ace. I am the typical magician
and then blows your mind! Noel Heath. That was insane. Go follow anyone that’s there… No don’t go follow anyone, this is their brand name Anyone Worldwide. You can follow anyone if you like. But follow these guys
Anyone Worldwide on YouTube They got a lot of videos like this, they got playing cards coming out an stuff So happy to support a fellow creator and an insane mind like this guy here. Go spam them on this
video make it go viral If anything, this video
deserves to go viral. Alright well you know what, I don’t know how I’m going
to continue my day right now Cuz I’m a little messed up. Yeah okay. We’re, What are we doing Still there. We were, ah, were, were,
were, were looking at a deck of cards. Lets take
a look at that deck of cards So this The Standards. The Standards by Dan and Dave By Art of Play Check this little… I don’t know… like I got a box, this was in it, I had no idea they were sending this to me Kinda really surprised about, what this looks like first of all. This box is heavy, It’s like metal It’s got like this felt here and when you lift the top check this out ohh so beautiful you have six decks, three
decks actually which repeat And here’s kinda what they
look like, look at that. First of all how beautiful is this casing It screams quality there’s
like I think leather on the inside of the lid. Just looks beautiful on the shelf and harnesses within some beautiful decks So I’m not going to unwrap all these decks because I kinda like them
in sort of mint condition. But I will open the gold ones here So lets have a look at the Gold Standards. Is that what there
called Gold, gold, gold? oh there all Gold Standards Well lets have a look at
the gold Gold Standards. Lets go Pop this seal Oooohhhhh There is actually a lot
of attention to detail on this tuck case, what does this say here It says Save the gold save the king. Which is kind of cool. Premium playing cards on this side We have over here this little insignia, as well as here which is really cool the Gold Standards on the side and on the bottom. Like literally they have spared absolutely nothing making this like
look at the inside of it. WOW! Look at the inside of that tuck case. You guys can have a look at
the inside of that tuck case, which looks just as
marvelous as the outside so I’m kinda curious about what
the inside of the other boxes look like but again I
don’t want to open them I kinda like them all sealed
and that is the tuck case. These are the cards. () Ohhhhhh They feel really nice and they
look good to, look at that. They kinda have that gold metallic ink. Which look really great. They feel phenomenal! (soft relaxing music) Like butter. Yeah these feel great The back design kinda looks like this, so you have again those
insignias with that lettering Kind of a traditional but
still like that minimalist. That nice little simple vibe to it, even though there is a lot
on the back of the cards, thin borders as we take look at the faces Oh my God, is that just a happy accident
that the four of Spades is there Oh it is happy accident, I just like literally Oh Wow Okay I fooled myself. So that’s what the Jokers look like, so you got the same Jokers
except for the color on the Joker is red and black. The Ace here looks amazing I also like how they, made the pips one color
and the embassy another, its kind of interesting. The face of the cards also
have this little red symbols. The spades like even the
spades have detail on them, that’s a first, I’ve
never seen that before. That’s kinda what the cards look like. The Jack, the Queen Oh is it the Queen of England? It is, Elizabeth Who is that guy? Macna I don’t know. Your gonna probably
burn me in the comments being like that’s Mac na mer mero. He’s the King of the Mer na mer merou. And you also, oh, Prince Philip See I watch “The Crown” I know my history. Oh, The diamonds look at that Royal Navy. These look like they were
intended for like royalty Oh Who is this? Churchill, I’m guessing Winston Churchill They just finished watching “The Crown” and they were like lets make a deck not a bad idea. Yeah, the detail on every
single one of these cards is astonishing even the Ace
cards are all really cool Albert, Victoria, Melbourne Look at those sideburns dude Melbourne, his name should be sideburn. And we go here we got an ad card. Looks really good,
presenting the Gold Standards Of what? Of lettering and branding By the Kevin Cantrell Studio So I guess uh that was designed by them, In cooperation with Art of Play. And that is what the cards look like Lets test them out a bit (soft piano music) (hip hop music) Alright guys that was ah,
that was The Standard box set. I hope you guys enjoyed that, I think the cards actually
handled really well, they look great probably
won’t be using these. Just because I feel like
they need to belong in a box, so if you have like a shelf
space or you want a nice piece, this is beautiful, attracts
the eye, and its fun to look at or you can just simply replace all these decks and
put your own deck in them. Up to you your choice but
ill leave the link below if your interested. Thanks for watching guys. Don’t forget to leave a like, subscribe when you hear it and we’ll see you on the next video Remember, office tour Friday Peace Ra! (Bass music)