(hip hop music) – Ya boy, Alex Boyer here and welcome back to my channel, guys. Every day I get tagged
in many magic videos that goes by on the internet, on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and I don’t really watch it, actually, just because I have a life. (beep) All this to say that one caught my eyes in particular. I’ve been tagged so many
times on that video, and it’s “Oh my God, Eric Chien
could be the best magician on the internet and AGT.” This is pretty serious,
America’s Got Talent 2019. I’ll be honest with you, I
did not see the video yet, I’m really intrigued by it. So I thought I would react
to this video with you guys. I have my little setup here, I have my laptop, have some cards, and I have some popcorn as well. Best setup ever. Could this be the best
magician on the internet? Let’s find out together. Let’s watch it right now. Ah, let’s go! (computer keyboard clicks) – My name is Eric Chien, I’m 26 years old, and I’m a magician from Houston, Texas. Growing up, I liked
watching magic shows on TV. – Those little story, eh? – It really did make me believe that– – I think AGT really likes that. – I told everyone that I’m
going to be a magician. A lot of people doubted me
– Aww – But that’s all I wanted to do. So I just focused on my dream. Magic helped me get through tough times. After college, I was called back to Taiwan for military service, and my whole world was
flipped upside down. I couldn’t bring any personal stuff. No–
– Oh, I have popcorn stuck in my teeth. Worst feeling ever. I think AGT really is looking
for stories like that, that touches emotionally. I think it’s great, hopefully his act’s gonna be good. – No coins, nothing. I could no longer do magic, and we couldn’t do anything
outside of military duties, and it felt like I just lost my identity. So when I came back out, I didn’t have my confidence and I kinda lost who I was, and I’ve tried to find myself again. So I’ve actually only
started performing recently, and I’m still trying to learn how to deal with a big audience. – He just said that he
started performing recently. Okay. It’s pretty crazy to go
on America’s Got Talent and guy’s just started
performing, so, hmm. Interesting.
– I know last year’s winner of America’s Got Talent is Shin Lim, and that really puts the pressure on me. – Shin Lim! – First episode, one of
the best in the world. and it’s a whole ‘nother
level of nervousness. I can’t stop shaking my hands, this is the biggest
performance of my life, and I only have one shot at doing this. So I’m just gonna give it my all and– – Let’s do it, c’mon.
– I really hope that they enjoy my act tonight. – There you go, brother. – All right.
– Make it happen! – (laughs) Terry Crews,
new host, is pretty cool. (audience cheering) (computer keyboard clicks)
What? Mel B and Heidi Klum are pretty different from the last season. What do you think, guys? Okay. (audience cheering) – Take a deep breath, take it all in, and tell me your name. – My name is Eric Chien. – And what do you do? – I am a magician. – Okay. You do that for a living? – Uh, I’ve only started performing for the past six months. – He started performing
for the last six month. And he’s on AGT. All right, let’s do it. – Oh wow.
– And here on AGT, magic is king. – Yes, I saw Shin Lim’s act, but I think we’re two
very different people, and–
– Who’s better? (audience sighs) (audience laughs) – Whoo, yeah.
– What a question to ask. – You know what? Good luck. (audience clapping) – He looks so nervous, oh my God.
– Go ahead. – [Julianne] He’s so nervous. – [Howie] Yeah.
– Is it gonna be cringy? Or is it gonna be good? Or great? I’m really thinking about it right now. Let me know in the comment. (computer key clicks) Nice little set up. (intense music) Is it a shoelace? Okay. (audience gasps)
Oh, oh, oh, what? Okay, that was pretty cool. Love that little box, by the way. Hmm. Okay. (audience gasps) – [Howie] Look, it turned blue! (audience claps)
– Sick. Nice! Great slight of hand. Six month? Come on! (audience shouts) – [Howie] Whoa! (computer keyboard clicks) – Wait, what? Uh, I think I just missed something here. Let’s go back just a bit. Okay, so black shirt. (computer keyboard clicks) Great slight of hand. (computer keyboard clicks) Okay, I’ll admit it, this was insane. I’ve seen so many quick
change act in my life, and I think they’re
pretty much all the same, you know, you’re dressed in a certain way, you take a curtain, you
raise it in the air, you drop it, and you’re
dressed in a different way. I think that’s the best way I’ve seen it. Yep. I think it’s a good way to do it. He just started doing magic? That’s crazy. All right. (computer keyboard clicks) (audience shouts) – [Howie] Whoa! – Great. Love it. (audience gasps) Nice. (audience claps) (audience cheers) That’s cool. (audience cheers) Stop it! Wow! Whoa. (computer keyboard clicks)
I mean, come on. If you’re asking yourself
if I know how to do this, uh, maybe, like, only like, 5% of it. That’s pretty cool. This looks like actual magic to me. That’s pretty much the coolest
color change I’ve seen. Yeah. (audience cheering) Wow! What? (audience cheers) Sick. (audience cheers) (Alex laughs) No. (Alex laughs) What? (audience cheers) What is happening? (audience cheers) (computer keyboard clicks) Whoa man. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know I was going
to be that impressed with this video. I’m kind of speechless,
actually, right now. Yeah, usually when I see
magician doing closer magic on beautiful music and stuff like this, it’s always pretty much the
same as Shin Lim, right? With some smoke, with playing
cards that vanish and stuff, but this is something else, it truly is like his stuff,
so thumbs up for that. Let’s keep watching. Okay.
(computer keyboard clicks) Wow! Coins now! Great.
Thank you, my mind is not blown enough yet. All right, come on. (audience cheers) Sick. (audience cheers) (audience cheers) (audience cheers)
Wow. So visual. (audience cheers) That’s cool. Oh, what? He did it again.
Let’s watch it again. (audience cheers) (laughs) That’s so cool. What? Oh my God! (audience cheers) (audience cheers) – No! (Alex laughs) – Oh my god. This was sick! Eric Chien, good job, man. I’m wondering what the
judges are gonna say, though. (audience cheering) – Unreal! – Unreal it is. – Most magicians do that
kind of suave, kinda, like, ta-da, I got you. You looked more confused than any of us. (audience and judges laugh) You’re lookin’ like where did it go? Where did it?
And I love– – By the way, this is
really good for magic, guys, playing the victim when you’re a magician, it’s pretty cool. It’s like the magician do nothing, it’s all about what’s
happening everywhere else, so that’s why the magic is strong. Little note on that. – That.
– Thank you so much. That means a lot to me. – I think I’m just as
baffled as the audience, like, how? Eric, you are magic! It is your time to step up, and claim your place amongst the best. You are amazing.
– Thank you so much. – Yeah, Mel B and Heidi, they really doesn’t
– The fact is – Look the same as usual.
– You don’t have to compare yourself to anybody, and I’m really glad that
you showed up as you. – Okay, okay, we get it, we get it. – Genuinely, this was
in a different level. It was actually, unbelievably, good, and what I really love
– I agree. – About you, as well, is
that you’re so humble. You don’t even know how good you are. (audience cheers) The future is in your
hands from this moment on. – Okay, I get it. Eric Chien, pretty good job, I can’t believe you just
started doing magic, it’s pretty much impossible, but if so, you’re great. I loved the way you changed
the color of the cards, I think my favorite part of this video was when he changed his little vest here. Let me know in the comments what was your favorite part of that video, I’m really interested by it, and also let me know if he’s
gonna win AGT this year. I think he has a pretty good chance, I did not see the other magician yet, but this is pretty awesome. So that’s it from me today, guys, hope you enjoyed this video, I mean this was a pretty good act, and if you did enjoy this video, guys, don’t forget to like this video, hit the bell as well to
know when I’m posting stuff, and if you’re new here, well
don’t forget to subscribe, and I’ll see you guys really, really soon. Peace! (hip hop music)