hello my name is Y I am a professional
magician for like 10 years now and I decided to do something really weird
there is this five minute craft magic if you don’t know “Five minutes Craft”
you probably not living on this earth because it’s all over the internet but
they also are teaching magic tricks on their videos which are really silly but
today I will try to do them so this is professional magician trying to do five
minute craft magic let’s go or just watch it maybe it’s too difficult for me kids oh my god she just ate her fingers
oh God oh okay I think this illusion How to? would only work for like two-year-old
child or maybe not the too cynical oh I know this one this is a cool one it’s actually a cool
illusion and some people are doing this really smoothly
oh this is interesting a ribbon what what let me let me try that let me
try that have the scarf of this kind of magician let’s try it out oh so I did it
like the the other girl you know maybe if you use magic you can go like this
yeah oh no I hate this one I hate this one I I have no idea how to do it this
is too difficult for me I’ll tell me in comments if you can do that and probably
proof with the video no I’m not gonna try this juice is just ridiculous it’s
funny great illusion okay okay so this is the famous David Blaine trick poorly
made of course popularized by the blind but you if you if you do this correctly
you can actually go 360 rotation challenge simple let me trace
we put this inside clearly inside there you go kind of in illusion I think
it said this one is actually pretty cool pink this one can fall okay I need to go
to my kitchen all I found in the kitchen was this so I can show it both sides funny oh I know this one I used to do
this one with with with matches but they do it with batteries I know how to do it
I have the matches from Italy so you have two matches and trick was like put
it like this and to grab it like that and like this and most of the people
they are doing this this way so they are stuck they are stuck like this but if
you’re stuck and you concentrate in if you do real magic you can actually go
like this is real magic okay next one is with
the novel side this is a silly one there you go have a member this one I mean
what is that oh this is tricky I won’t even try probably face like
those people oh I know this one this is a good one
i-i’ve told it once on the video personal mail was that the concent rishi
today the scandal purchased at Nina’s that
need a sponsor and now some rubberband magic I do this
quite a lot too so you can check it out and I have the rubber bands
I will go like this do you have the pen right can you sign this one just just
like it I’m gonna open the open the pen yeah sign this one whatever you want
just mark it so you know it’s yours and can you do with the second one he didn’t
give you a chance to sign what is it you cannot duplicate it right watch one more
time I’m gonna link them together watch carefully
they’re linked you check them you sign them and they’re linked right it’s
really how’s that but this is just an illusion but when you stop the illusion
at one point then something really impossible can happen you can check it
out check out if it’s real real it’s it’s not going apart in you will never
it will be linked as as you beat a duo forever yeah I’ve seen this one I’ve
seen this one and then give this bill don’t let me try this one okay so here
is an idea can take a back note and you can balance it on your finger just stop and you can immediately give
this to the spectator and that would be a good magic trick not like straws and
everything pull over you’ll never do it in real life
Oh card trick card trick ah not this one this one is silly one this is just like beginner level like two-year-old and
this one I get with it all in the car okay maybe they discover like float it
then with really quick heavy real magic again oil water : o aspect this is nice we should do it
on the channel but this is more like this is beautiful I wanna try that out
for values and that’s all that’s all for this episode so we got some science
because semantics I hope you enjoyed it if you wanna learn like me know magic
and from me there is a link in the description below if you liked it make
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always stay magical