(sighs) – Good morning, you can tell it’s morning, actually you can’t tell it’s morning because the sun hasn’t
risen, it’s still dark. As I told you guys in the last video, I’m doing a TV show and it’s
like a morning show thing and I’m having a really hard
time structuring a sentence right now, this particular
morning show is shot in a green screen studio. The one thing they told me specifically is to absolutely not wear
any green and don’t bring any green props. So I decided that it would be a great idea if I only wore green. (laughs) Here’s Daddy! (laughs) Okay, what am I doing
with my life exactly? I don’t know, but we
gotta go get some coffee. I’m meeting my homie
Lee, and he’s gonna film the behind the scenes, so let’s go. (upbeat music) I’ve spotted a wild camera
man, throw my lens cap at you, gotta catch ’em all. How’s it going man?
– Whoo! Good, you? – Good, hey, you can hold this now. I had a guy in the street
come up to me, he’s like, oh, you’re Chris Ramsay, I
was like, yeah, he’s like, love your puzzles, man,
I’m like, sick. (laughs) Got my hair cut, though hopefully
my hair doesn’t turn out like super weird on camera
’cause it is a bit yellow. Lust. – Come right in, guys. – [Chris] How are ya? – [Producer] We’re just
gonna be on the left. – [Producer] Grace our
7:20 wants to talk to you about magic tricks. – [Chris] 720 in the building. I don’t need much, I just had a question. So, I’m wearing a green
screen suit, to come out with. Then I’m gonna take it off, it’ll take five seconds, to take off. – Okay. – I just thought it would
be like a funny gag, to appear on the set like that,
to start off, is that cool? – Yeah. – It’s a bit silly but, should be good. – Yeah that’s great. – Alright, thanks. No look it’ me. – [Guest] I wondered why they said, don’t wear green or yellow. – Yeah, ’cause they’ve got a
big green screen, like set. So I thought it’d been the perfect time, to only wear green, ya know? I was like hey, it can’t
be bad for ratings. A lot easier to get off then on. This is what my life
has come to by the way. What’s going to be funny
is that all in the blog, your just going to see me
standing there next to her, in a big green stupid suit. But on TV that’s where the magic happens. (laughter) This is so stupid. They’ve even got like
the hands and everything. Am I disappearing yet,
can you still see me? – [Lee] Oh yeah. – Okay, this might be
the most exciting thing, that’s happened to me this week. This is going to be the
best part, is after, I do like the face reveal. I really need to watch out, you can’t see anything in this thing huh? I’m gonna come in, alright
this is the whole thing so. I’m going to come in, on set. And then, you know I can make stuff float. Woooooo, it’s going to be floating around. Um, looking for the rest
room, yeah thanks, sorry. And I’m gonna go: “Here’s Daddy.” (laughs) – [Lee] That’s not the line
you’re going with is it? – No (laughter) Is it, blah! (laughter) Got a bit of a bulge goin eh? (newscaster on television) You see the new Easy’s
you guys cop the new ones? Ultra green, 350’s. I feel like one of those Olympic divers. Yeah Micheal Phelps. (laughter) Eat your heart out. (newscaster on television) – [Producer] Then let’s do a
green screen test with him. – [Chris] How are ya? – [Office Worker] Good and you? – [Chris] I’m good. – [Producer] I may as
well, and we’ll put you in right away just to test the camera. – [Chris] Yes. (zipper closing) – [Crew Member] Rob? – Yeah? – [Crew Member] Nine seconds,
great for the set up? – Yep. Okay, let’s get you in there. – Am I completely covered? – [Producer] That’s about it, c’mon. – [Chris] Alright. – Okay, so you’re gonna be here, and either that or that camera, so lets– – It’s kind of great,
Lee can get a shot of it, it’s kind of perfect. You just see like a little, silhouette. – [Producer] Come up
here, I’ll put this on, is this good like– – Oh yeah, we can do that. Watch that table on camera, you ready? Look at that table. He’s gone, he’s gone. (laughter) – I love it. And, Chris Ramsay? – Yeah. – Okay, not Ramsea, Ramsay. – Ramsay yeah. – Chris Ramsay. Do you do all your video,
like you have everything, you have everything set up there? – Yeah my office got to
make most of my videos, but I travel quite a bit. – Cool. – So I got this guy
comin around sometimes. – This guy follows you? – Okay. – Which makes life a lot easier. – Yeah nice, very cool ’cause
that’s a million followers. – Yeah, it’s a lot of people. – That’s a lot of friggin
people, who want to know the secrets of what you’re doing. – Apparently, apparently. They’ll have to stay tuned and find out. – I love that you came up
with this green screen thing, have you been here before? – No. – So who told you about our green screen. – Spidey. – Spidey told you? My friend Spidey? – Yeah.
– I can make you disappear. – Yeah, yeah yeah yeah, yeah. (laughter) – It’s not the most flattering, suit. I’m not gonna lie, but hey. – Disappear Chris. (fingers snapping) – Are we starting? – In about thirty seconds. – Alright. (chuckling) – Montreal magician and
YouTube star Chris Ramsay is, here somewhere with me in a studio. – For my first illusion, the
floating coffee cup illusion. (laughter) It just magically floats. – I love that, look at that magic, and now there’s a
floating head next to me, hi Chris how are you?
– Hi Laurie how are you? – Why don’t we do an appearing act, we’ve been practicing this. (chuckling) Ta Da! – Hey, look out Vegas, here I come. – And there he is. – Alright. Look at this, what about that for a trick? How are you? – I’m good,
Welcome. – Thank you.
Welcome. Thank you so much, I
love that appearing act, your going to pull another trick on me. – Oh yeah. Okay, wait, but before we do that, lets talk about you
reaching a million followers on YouTube, that’s amazing. – Yeah, I think so too. – How did it start, how did
you build up to this point. – I just think like, obviously
consistency in posting, and quality is key as
well but I try to bring, my hairs a mess right now. (laughter) I’m trying to bring like a new,
new sort of style to magic, not, sort of the cheesy old
magic, but something new for like the younger generations. – And you mentioned
that, like something for the younger generation was
that, part of your decision to put yourself out there on social media, on YouTube because, you
would think as a magician, you kind of want to stay private, – Keep secrets.
– Keep a low key yeah. – That was definitely something
that I battled in the past, but I think that now that
I’ve been doing it so well, we still focus on ethics on the channel, and secrecy of magic, but,
there are a lot of people out there that really want to learn it so, – But I have to ask, do you
let out all of your secrets? Like, how much do you actually divulge on your YouTube channel? – Mostly the basics, and then we, I sort of give the reference
where you can learn more, so a lot of books actually
so, people coming online for the video’s and then
they end up reading books, which is a good thing. – Did you learn from
books, where did you learn? – I did yeah. Yeah mostly from books, and
then from friends and video’s and that type of thing yeah. – When did you know that this could actually be a career
though, like when did it go, from just having fun
and playing tricks to, I’m going to make a living off this? – It sort of happened gradually, I would say, over the years. You know, I was working
at magic companies before, creating magic tricks for them, and on the side doing YouTube. So eventually the YouTube
kind of took over. – Okay, and how did the passion start? – I would say, every kid, every
kid wants to be a magician I think, when they’re a kid. – Um hum. – But then eventually,
I just never let it go, I think you know, it’s kind of weird, it’s kind of like telling your parents you want to become a pirate. (laughter) And they’re like, yeah sure
Chris, did you get that? Like yeah, magician sure. No they were pretty supportive though, I’m pretty hard headed so. (laughter) – So okay you have another trick that you want to perform. – Yes I do actually. – For me actually. – Here’s the thing, I’m
going to actually perform this trick for the people at home. – Oh nice! – And you’re going to help
me out with this, okay? – I’m not putting on the green mask. – So is this the camera, here?
– Yeah that’s the camera. – Okay so I’m going to
move up a little bit. – Okay. – You people at home, I want
you to look at one card, and remember one card, not the first one, and not the last one, you ready? Here I go, ready? Did you get one? Alright, I want you to
keep that card in mind. – I got one. – Here’s the thing, could you
close your ears and your eyes. In the 20’s they used to do
these mind reading experiments. – Both my ears and my eyes?
– Yeah. – I can’t hear you? – No, because it’s sort of
like a sensory deprivation thing that we have to do, – I have an earpiece here though. – That’s fine, that’s fine. And I want you to just,
I’m going to try to, project thoughts in your head, okay? So just concentrate, concentrate. (laughter) – Why do I let this be done
to me on live television. – Shhh, you hear? What!? What? – So, what happened, what did you hear? – Okay there was a voice in
my ear, I don’t know who, – In your ear, in your head. – In my head, how did
you get that in my ear. – Your ears are closed. – Okay and it said the
card your thinking of is the four of spades, and
it was the four of spades. – That’s the card that
you were thinking of. Let’s hope that the card
they’re thinking of at home. Or else you know, so
comment, leave a like, drop, no we’re not on YouTube are we. – Do my producers have
something to do with that? – No absolutely not. Yeah that could have been, this
was not set up, by the way. This is not set up, anybody, this is completely off the cuff. – Yes obviously because, I’m shocked. Okay four of spades, if
you had the four of spades in your head, email us
[email protected], and subscribe and hit the like button. – Absolutely, I need to
know, Chris Ramsay thank you, I guess, thank you, nice to meet you. – I’m gonna disappear.
– Stay with us, more to come. Away, away you go,
coming up, where to come. Bye Chris. – Bye. (laughter) – Okay, what the heck
was that voice in my ear. – It’s pretty cool right? So you could have taken out your earpiece, your earpiece could have been out, and it would have still worked. – No, where were you talking from, can you tell me, that was crazy, Rob? – In your head. – No it was not. – Did they hear, they didn’t
hear it, they had no idea. – It wasn’t you guys? You’re joking right? – [Crew Member] I promise
you I didn’t hit anything. (laughter) – They didn’t hear anything.
– No no no, just you. – Did you hear something?
– [Crew Member] No, I promise. – [Chris] You’re the only
person that heard it. – [Producer] Alright, everybody out. – How the hell, did that play in my ear? – [Producer] I don’t know,
we didn’t say anything, we didn’t hear anything. – You guys are joking,
you’re in on the joke. – [Producer] No no no. – Thank you sir, thanks Josh. – All I said was, get him
to pull his pants off. – [Chris] (laughs) Oh did ya? – Yeah I did, yeah. – [Chris] Yeah buddy. – [Producer] Great minds, think alike. – [Chris] You want a clue or? Yeah, I’m really glad, (laughter) – Hold on let’s take a
picture before you go. (hip hop music) ♪ Uh huh. ♪ ♪ Yeah. ♪ ♪ Uh huh. ♪ ♪ Uh huh. ♪ – Thank you so much Chris. It’s going to be up on our
website in about an hour, Globalnews.ca/ – [Chris] Great fun. – Thanks so much guys. – Right, have a good day, by by. So here’s the weird thing, is that, normally this trick, they
hear it only in their head. And the one thing I didn’t think of, is she’s wearing an earpiece. And so I guess that, she thought
the people in the office, were sending her something
through her earpiece, I didn’t think of that, still worked out, still thought it was great,
she’s still confused obviously. But, yeah, turned out pretty good though. What’d you think Lee, yeah? Get out of this suit or we keep it on? No let’s get out of it here. Right, so we’re done here. I’m in Montreal and I don’t usually come to the city that
often but since we’re here, we’re probably going to run
by the agency, my agency. I’m going to go check
out and help, package up some Ramfam T-Shirts that
we sold, if you guys want by the way, link in the description, alright let’s go. So we’re here at my agency it’s Slingshot, they are the people who
represent me and also, this is where all the Ramfam merch, gets shipped out of so
it’s designed and printed in Montreal and also
shipped from Montreal. So today, I’m going to help
them pack up some merch, and I’m also going to be
signing some stickers. So if you copped some Ramfam
merch while I was here, you’re probably going to
get some signed stickers. Even better, I have a
deck of cards with me. I’m going to take this deck of cards, and I’m going to sign a
whole bunch of playing cards. So you’ll get a signed card from me, if you purchase something
during this time. I’ll probably sign like 50 of them. Links in the description if
you guys want to check out the merch shop, I’ve got to get to work. (slow hip hop groove) First package to ship
is for, Alisa Plaude, oh this is actually a local
pick up, so she’s from Montreal, she’s going to pick this up locally. We’re still going to pack it. So this is how you do it,
how do you pack, wait, does this go? (laughter) Which card should we give her, here. – Four of spades of course. – For the crew neck. – She did order the
crew neck, I kept those. I kept the four of spades actually. But I’ll sign one. Bloop. – Here. – Bam, look at that! Look how good that looks. That’s it for the video
today, I’m going to continue packing this stuff up. Remember links in the
description, if you guys wanna check out some merch. We gotta a whole bunch of
signed cards left to give out, so you’ll probably comp
one if you buy a shirt. But thanks for watching,
hope you enjoyed this video, hit the like button if you
did, subscribe for new here, and we’ll see you on the next video. Peace. (speaking in foreign language) (upbeat hip hop)