Magicians be like: Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you how to fill this water bottle but now like you just need you and the cup and The cup becomes full it’s uh really simple. Just some misdirection it’s. uh, really easy, so I’m gonna do it. So here we go So this is a normal cup and now And now let’s full. It’s not all the way. However, because like that’s all the liquids I have inside of me right now. Transparent which is really weird sure. There’s some science in there. But yeah, it’s really simple the way to do it is just You know, I Just like Regurgitate into the water Brady pretty much. So yeah, I’ll do it again. Let me just drink this And it’s done so I’m going to do the trick again, so yeah (fills cup of water And Like now I Put more of my liquids into this water now So yeah, it’s really simple but the magic trick if you didn’t notice is how fast it happened, so Practice makes perfect. So Subscribe for more easy magic trick tutorials bois. like, subscribe, and comment (DOIT)