Saturday.. November 7 I’m here at SLEX… South Luzon Expressway We’re going to Manila Ortigas It’s Saturday so it’s a workday for me I have a party at ortigas but I’ll be doing this vlog for all of you guys this is what a magician’s life is It’ might rain Tollgate C5 When the government try to fix the roads is is when the Christmas season is already here the result is traffic We are here now at One Corporate Center at Ortigas here is where my party is now usually parties takes around only 3 hours I usually host parties We’re here because it’s now break time what you see earlier which was traffic and we were just going here now we are here at the venue alright the party is finished it was good whooops it’s going down we are now going back home actually that’s what my job really is I host parties every Saturday and Sundays been doing that for 12 years now I didn’t show you the party because it’s a private event so I can’t show you that sometimes it’s not allowed like a while ago I didn’t get permission from the parents so I didn’t show it but that’s what I do every Saturday and Sunday I host parties and events like that I’m a host magician I do hostings and magic shows so now we’re here at the parking lot and I’ll just wait for my staff and my staff has been with me for a long time they usually know the SOP stuff and they are the one’s helping me while I’m hosting I do the hosting of the games, shows, and stuff for the kids the magic show and it’s satisfying because you’re the life of the event since I’ve graduated college I’ve already been hosting parties so this what my work is every Saturday and Sunday and the… filming and directing I started that five years ago Monday to Friday Movies and scripts Saturday Sunday events