If you like our audio and video materials, you can support the project. Details of the description to video. www.intelligenthumanity.com Intelligent Humanity Represents Magicians Mistakes Gregory’s Private Consultation Levashov made a fundamental mistake. First, a person needs to rebuild his worldview, and than reveal his abilities. Abilities can also give magical abilities. How a person will use them depends on his morality. Levashov made serious mistakes in this regard. He did a lot of such errors. Then he apparently realized this and stopped doing so. He stopped to rebuild people’s brain. The brain is the mechanism that allows you to influence the world in varying degrees. He revealed the brain’s ability, but is not clear to what extent you can work. Haven’t checked the man. It’s like giving out a driving license. Before issuing the licence, it is checked whether the human is adequate. That is, in a legitimate way, it is impossible for a person to receive these rights inadequately. Illegally, it turns out. Levashov issued these rights without checking these things. He thought, if a man opens his mind, he will become a nice. Ego can also promote certain abilities. What choice do people is not known. When a man has emerged as a person, as an entity there is a way, understanding that there are spiritual and moral values, is reasonableness. That such a person can be given the tools. And also have to monitor him at a certain point in the case his brain would not become damaged or then he will not become a fanatic. This sometimes happens. It when to good people throw up something false. As it is in the Bible. The Bible has thought up 10 precepts. If you are spiritual and moral man then run to us. We shall help you will come close to the God. On the fact it is a deceit but as the screen-moves aspiration to morals and spirituality. There are people who sincerely believe that through Christianity (a parasitic system) it is possible to come to God. You can try to use the laws that are written in the Bible to develop yourself. But it’s kind of like using a damaged car. That is, to use a car that does not have brakes, wheels are spoiled and try go somewhere far on it. The risk is very high. If a person has a very large potential, then it can happen. But it’s a big risk. It is pointless to use this site. It’s like eating spoiled food. You pass by and there’s food in the garbage. Can I eat food from the garbage? Theoretically, it can be eaten, but the consequences will be dangerous enough. This is not a platform where you can take resources. There was a story when Levashov stopped the storms coming to the United States. He didn’t understand why these storms were going there and what was the cause of these storms. And the storms were a consequence of the activities that came from the US government. And the people supported this government. Someone maintained unconsciously, by someone deliberately. Nature started the mechanism of karma. Levashov did not get to these things. He saw only the scientific external component. It was his big mistake. As they say, it was one of the reasons why he died. When he was not supported by those who could support. As a scientist, he made some mistakes. I think it’s a mistake. The task of the Magi was to create a secret society and with the help of a secret society to fight parasites. When open war is not possible, secret forces fight. It was wrong. I think it was their mistake. A war would have saved his family and many other people. As Radomir (Jesus Christ) said: “I bring you the sword. As Mary Magdalene said: ” take the sword and fight.” She wasn’t given the tools to fight. I’m actually very surprised this story. It seems that this woman had the most problems, problems with clear-mindedness. She was able to teleport. You could teleport home, take a crossbow, take a dagger and just cut it. Considering he didn’t know she could do it. The issue was solved quite simply. And then say he stabbed himself. I don’t think she had any trips to the astral. I think she was able to travel on the physical plane as well. We have to fight the system all the time, so that this system does not eat us. You have to understand that almost everywhere the authorities are vermin. For example, in Russia, Putin is in power and he is trying to implement some national ideas, but most of the power is controlled from the United States. This also applies to Lithuania. That is, externally, Lithuania is free, and in fact is controlled by the same forces. Often officials are of interest to those who pay them. And your task is to learn from these parasites to take away the power. Their task is to do everything possible to make you a zombie and lock you resources. This is a similar situation in India, when the British seized power, when India was their colony. The Indians found a way and did not cooperate with the British. The power that the British had prevented them from ruling the Indians. India is a very large country and the British did not have enough resources to destroy all. If the British fought like Hitler, that is, destroyed all who disobeyed, then maybe they would have broken India.The Indians found this way, that is, ignored the government, ignored everything that came from the government. At that time, this option turned out, and now it will not be possible to ignore it. Because they’re not just stealing countries ‘ resources, they’re stealing your personal results. This may apply to your property, and your children, and your health. I mean, she sensed some danger, but she didn’t know where. She had a strong intuition, but she didn’t understand where the source was coming from. I think the whole team had a lot of carelessness. They went unguarded when they walked. Yes, they had some abilities, but it was not enough. One of the problems of the Slavs – Aryans is carelessness. On negligence the parasites they are caught. They used to live in an environment where there was no deception, where around you were friends, i.e. around were adequate people. Therefore, they relaxed and this relaxation became part of the perception of the world. And when the parasites came, the weakness became carelessness. This is a similar situation when the Baptists came to Russia, built Christian churches, and when they won the first time, the temple was demolished, and it was necessary to demolish. They didn’t destroy the parasitic religion. It’s a matter of carelessness. First, what did Mary Magdalene, did not have a feel for it, not enough wisdom. I think it’s careless. When you’re on the battlefield, you may not have enough resources to win. What were her mistakes, I believe that part of it is carelessness; plus some part of consciousness was blocked. Because at that point the grate were already around the Earth, and abilities that were in it , they are locked. Plus, apparently she had no experience with parasites. She didn’t know these mechanisms. That is, she struggled with tools that were not effective enough. First, they sat in the valley of Magicians, and around Christianity subjugation of the rest of the world. Christianity was recruiting soldiers, cutting people’s brains out. That is, it was necessary to fight seriously. There were supporters all over the world, but they did not lead the war fully. They thought the religion that comes is not serious, like something cold. But it was a serious virus and need to seriously fight. They understood that it is necessary to be at war, but how seriously didn’t know. This was special situation. A lot of it is due terms that around the planet there was a special grate that covered the abilities of people. Now, too, something is installed, something is. Levashov took something off. Many people start to wake up in this plan. Rationality, Impartiality, Mindfulness. 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