Magicka 2 is a co-op action adventure with
a little bit of tongue in cheek humor. Is it worth jumping online with your friends
for a little dungeon crawling? I’ve had a chance to try it for a few hours, so let’s
get into this first impression review. Magicka 2 it all about wizards and the spell
casting system. The game is really built for co-op and playing with friends and it has
support for up to four players. But you must work together because friendly fire is always
on. You’ll quickly learn that your spells can be deadly to your friends or your foes. The spell system let’s you combine up to five
elements at a time which gives you thousands of possibilities. The game has a lengthy tutorial
to walk you through how these spells will help you kill enemies and move through your
environment. Each spell can be used as a ranged attack, a melee attack, an area of effect
attack, or a self cast. The spells have no limitations so if you aren’t careful you can
cast a fire attack on yourself and a heal on an enemy. The spell system is the most
complex part of Magicka 2 and is the biggest draw. A lot of the hardcore fans of Magicka
1 dislike this spell system saying that it has limitations but for a new beginner you’ll
come in fresh able to adpot this new system. The spell casting can be quite daunting at
first as there are so many different ways to use it. Attacking is not necessarily straightforward
and it can be difficult to tell what weaknesses and immunities certain enemies have. Soloing in this game can be very tough, you
really need a friend or two to help mitigate damage and increase spell diversity. I played
the game solo and found that I was constantly a target especially when fighting bosses or
large numbers of enemies. You also really need co-op to revive each other, otherwise
you basically only have one life to live. The campaign and the levels are petty short.
Each area has small sections with hordes of enemies and a big boss waiting for you in
the end. Each area will require you to use a different combination of spells to advance. Magicka 2’s humor will definitely make you
chuckle during everything from cutscenes to boss fights. The game doesn’t take itself
too seriously and that was evident just watching the trailers. Magicka 2 can be a fun game if you are willing
to jump online for co-op action and want a light hearted magic game. It’s only $15 and
the game has plenty of re-playability with higher difficulty levels. Just beware that
there is plenty of challenge from the enemies and the spell system definitely has a learning