How’s it going everyone Sutton The Magician
here in this video i’m going to teach you how to do the Magnetic Silverware tick so
i’m going to take two pieces of silverware they do not half to be but in this case i’m
using tow spoons so watch i’m going to make them two magnetizes check that out they both
stick together it’s pretty awesome trick you can just take two spoons anything and it will
fall off cuz i’m about to teach you the trick what your going to need is thumb tip it’s
a magnetic thumb tip by Vernet Magic so all your doing with the thumb tip well before
I say anything about how to do the trick i’m going to teach you tell you where where to
get it i’m going to leave a link in the description where you can get one of these or you can
probably get one of these at your local magic shop now how to do it what your going to do
is take a spoon and fork or spoon and spoon don’t do a knife or knife but what you want
do do you want to hold it this one is a heaver one than this one that’s why i’m putting this
one on the top you want to hold it right in the middle so it like magnetizes down here
then you want to take your spoon well your other piece of silverware and put it right
there like kind of go slow because it’s not going to stick if you like hurry up and put
it on there and it cant it has to be right there or lower like right there so you can
actually even turn it sometimes maybe even something like that but you can’t have it
up here or else it’s going to fall see weight maybe not yeah but the only reason it’s stuck
it because I started down here because watch if I start up here it wont stay see it will
not stay well maybe sometimes maybe for just like a second see right there but you want
to keep it right here for it to actually work just keep it right down in the middle so i
actually works you can move it now this is ruffly three dollars to five dollars and it
is really strong see check this out it’s like really strong it’s a thumb tip is really strong
Vernet Magic i’m going to leave a link in the description to get one of these but pretty
sure you can get one of there at your local magic shop tell me what you guys think about
this whats it called thumb tip this magnetic thumb tip leave me comments in the comments
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