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Ramsay here, welcome back. It’s Monday, so you know what that means. Monday is time for
another tutorial and today I have something very special for you. It’s something that I’ve
sort of done in my lectures and I performed a few times. It really fools magicians
mainly so if you’re looking to fool your magician
friends, this is a go to for good reason because it
kind of leaves you with no, you can’t really reconstruct
what the heck just happened. Basically, you’re going to
be able to produce a small object at the tip of your fingers. This also may lack a
little bit of justification on your behalf so it’s up to
you to find that justification. This is just a move,
it’s a cool little thing and it’s kind of interesting. So before we get into this,
the inspiration for this comes from Bobo’s coin magic. This used to be done also
in Bobo’s and I’ll get into that but in a different way with a coin, then adapted by Brandon
Wolf, a good friend of mine, excellent coin magician
done with a Sharpie as well. And then Pete McKinnon
also did something similar but used a ring and now
I’ve combined all of that and come up with a
different routine using it so let’s get into it right
now, thanks for watching. Alright, so for this, you’re
going to need a few objects if you like, it all depends on what you want to perform this with. I prefer doing with a ring
so if you don’t have a ring, get yourself one of these bad boys. This here is a walking Liberty half dollar which was crushed into a
ring which is super magical in itself so if you a half
dollar, you can do like, woo, the karate coin using a
coin ring which is kinda cool. I picked these up online,
I’ll drop a link below where you can shop these yourself. They’re not that expensive
and they’re perfect for magic. Any type of ring magic that
I do, this is what I use. It’s an interesting conversation piece. If I ask them to examine
it, they immediately say, “What is this,” and I tell them about it which is super interesting. So it’s a fun thing, I’ve
lost like three of these performing so I don’t really care, ’cause I’ll just buy another one. They’re not that expensive,
they’re pretty abundant. But if you don’t have this,
use a different type of ring. The thing is you’re going to need a ring that has a little bit of
width to it, a little bit of thickness but that
doesn’t have one side bigger than the other like a bit like this one. This one wouldn’t work really. Wedding band, that type of thing. If you don’t have that, don’t fret. You can also do this with
a lighter, a folded card, a matchbook or any small item
that you want to produce. Alright, let’s get into the technique. Alright guys, so the
whole secret to this thing relies heavily on one
particular sneaky little pocket which is not actually a pocket. And what you’re going to
do is you’re going to take your ring or whatever small
object it is, you’re going to put it just above your
kneecap, and you’re going to fold it in to the crease, pushing
it up like that, using all my fingers to create
this really long crease that is going to hold the ring
there if my leg is straight. Now once that’s done, I
can’t walk around much, I can’t jig, but I can stand here. Now, note that the tighter
your pants, so if you’re wearing skinny jeans, this’ll
definitely work a lot better but as you can see, my
pants are pretty loose and it still works, I can
still end up producing the ring right here. Now there’s a little bit of
physics happening right here which is kinda cool. As the ring is placed here in the fold, alright, I can do this while I’m sitting, then I can go stand up and I’m good. As soon as my knee lifts
up, this fold will fold back and you will start to see that ring. Watch this here it might fall
because my hands not there to catch it but I’m gonna sort
of let it do it by itself. See as it pops out. So basically, all you have
to do is lift your leg. Once that’s in there, like I
said, you can make this crease. Don’t make the crease too high. If you make the crease too
high, it’s going to get stuck. It will not come out. You need it to be right above the kneecap is where you place the ring, fold it over and then you can get it
like this line here, right? Once you give it that
line, you’re good to stand. This moves up over your
hand, and you can give it a little bit of a rub, and
it’ll appear on you kneecap. So that’s the basic foundation of this. Now, let me turn the
camera up for a second. This particular thing
basically was taught in Bobo but Bobo, they did the opposite way. It was, because they wore
dress pants back then and not skinny jeans,
they wouldn’t hold as much and so the fold was done
this way and you had sort of like an impromptu pocket which is cool and he would produce it
out of his fake pocket and then he would pretend to
put it back and steal it out. (metallic bang) And also with a ring,
because it’s a lot thicker, it’ll hold nicely. A coin is thinner so you
couldn’t do this with a coin because it would slip out. That’s why they did it
this way and kind of had this little pocket here
and just kinda held there and they would pull at the fiber like this which is kinda cool but
for this demonstration, we flip it under. There’s different ways to produce this. One way is to simply, I like
to grab an invisible ring or if you want to do it with a lighter, you could do that, you
grab it with the ring, you move from hand to hand. The only reason why I’m
moving it from hand to hand like this invisibly without the ring, so while the ring is here and
I’m doing this and playing around, because I want to
show that my hands are empty without going, look, my
hands are empty, right? You can do that, but I
mean, you want to make it a bit more magical, you
could kind of just like, you guys see this ring, you know? You show them here and it
shows that your hands are empty so you don’t have to justify that fact. After that’s done, boom, you’ve got it. (snaps tongue) Produce it
on the knee, (whistles) here you go, it’s an
impossible appearance. So that variation there is
a very simply, very easy to execute but what I like to add to this is the vanishing of a pen. So if I put this back
into the fold, I borrow or produce or grab a Sharpie. What you can do here is you
can do the Sharpie vanish which is taught in my other Sharpie video. You guys can go and check
that out, let me focus here. So grab the Sharpie and as you vanish it, your knees going to pop up
and if you do it quick enough, the ring will fly into
the air or the object. It’ll tend to fly towards this
side, so towards the inside. So if I do it here, boom,
and it produces here, so it just comes off and
meanwhile, I have the Sharpie here so I’ve just done
the flip stick vanish, as this appears, now this
move itself looks a lot like what Rick Merrill does. So Rick Merrill is a fantastic
slight of hand magician who does a lot of slight of
hand with ordinary objects such as coins, Sharpies,
you know, that type of thing and he’s actually won Phism. It’s an incredible video
to watch his slight of hand at work, I’ll actually
leave the link below ’cause it’s an interesting
watch for you guys. But he does sort of this move as well only Rick does it, you
know, through slight of hand so he doesn’t have that crease there, he does it in a different way,
which I’m not gonna get into. It’s very interesting, so
this is basically like a take on what Rick Merrill did but
instead, you’re already set up, you’re already ready so you can
grab a marker off the table, boom and then produce a
ring or a lighter whatever. So let’s say you are using a lighter. Same thing with a lighter,
right above the kneecap, you’re gonna fold it under,
you’re just gonna leave it there so as long as your leg’s
straight, that’s it. Skinny jeans obviously
help but if you don’t ’em, it’s not that bad either, really isn’t. Jeans is a good fabric
because it’s textured and sort of rugged and has some friction but that’ll hold there. And so now, if I want,
I can change the Sharpie into a lighter and just
(snaps tongue) like that. Right, and obviously, I’ve
concealed the Sharpie over here. Now remember to learn more
about that Sharpie vanish, check out the other video I did and it’ll teach you that there. If you’re at a bar or a
restaurant or something, you’re just standing
outside and somebody, you’re in the smoking section,
somebody wants a lighter, you can do this old trick. (clicks tongue repeatedly) So
all I’m doing with my mouth is going (click tongue), that’s this. Kinda like you’re calling
a cat. (click tongue) If you can do that sound with
this, the audible illusion creates the illusion
that you have a lighter so if you go up to somebody who said, “Do you have a lighter?” You say, yeah. (click tongue) Oh, I’m sorry, and then they’re
like, “Ahahaha, whatever.” You’re like, “Oh no, here we go. “I’ve got one right on my knee here.” Now that is an amazing magical moment, where they did not expect magic. And I talk about this a lot,
I talk about impromptu magic, you know the sort of magic
that if they don’t know you’re a magician or if they
do know you’re a magician, ’cause there’s two types
of impromptu magic, the type that they don’t
know you’re a magician is really powerful, so
that comes off as a gag. This whole (clicks tongue) thing, right? Looks like you have a lighter
and then it disappears so they thought you had a
lighter, you’re just making a sound or whatever, and
now your hands are empty because you’ve shown them
that you don’t have a lighter. So you’re already justified,
you don’t have to explain, and then you can just boom,
produce it on your leg and hand over that lighter
which is super magical so that’s a lot of fun too. You can also do it with a folded card. Friend of my, Blake Vogt
has a card basically a freely named card
called the invisible card and it is their card they freely chose, so a single card is shown
and if you have that gimmick, it’s available at Theory 11,
you can have that produce on the end of your knee
and Blake showed me that when I showed that to him,
that little appearance, he showed me that right
away and I was like, “That’s great, that’s a great use for it.” It’s up to you to really
play around with this. Sort of come up with whatever
you want to come up with. You can have small
objects, maybe let me know down in the comments
below, which objects would you produce out of thin air
and why would you produce them? What is the justification
for it ’cause I think that’s one of the main
struggles with this effect is I like the lighter
part but still the knee, you’re coming to the
knee, like what is that? Alright, why are you coming to the knee, there’s gotta be a justification for that. The Sharpie gives it a good justification because it’s kind of a magical
action that’s happening but maybe you guys could
figure out what type of small object you would produce and why you would produce it? Like which effect would you use it for, which effect would you string in together. These are all types of
things that I think about maybe you guys have some good ideas you could hit me up with. So I think that’s about it. Alright guys, thanks so much
for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it,
this is one of my favorite productions, one of my
favorite magical appearances of an object, especially of a ring. It leaves people really
without any explanation. It looks really magical
and it’s great to perform, you could do this surrounded,
you can do this for anybody really so have fun with that and hope you enjoyed this video. Hit the like button if you did. I do appreciate it, it
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