[Malala] I’m shuffling the cards.
[Woman] Okay. [Malala] Correct?
[Woman] Yep. [Malala] So I want to make sure there’s
no cheating or anything. – No cheating. (cards shuffle) – [Malala] Done, yeah? – [Woman] Mmhmm. – Now, just tell me when to stop, okay? -Okay. – Stop. – This is your card. Mkay? – Okay. – Remember this. You can shuffle them as well. Make sure no cheating, nothing. It’s all about pure magic, nothing else. – Here you go. – Okay. Now. Not this one. Okay, could be this one. Highly likely. Or maybe, it is this one. Now, you have to hit the cards, and the last card remaining in my hand will be your card. Hit the cards. You can hit the cards. – That’s the card! (applause) – That’s magic! – [Woman] That was amazing! – [Malala] Were you impressed? – [Woman] I was impressed. – [Malala] Now you have to hit the cards. You hit all of them. (laughing) [Malala] One card was supposed to be in my hand! It’s okay, we can start again. Thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe to our channel, Share, and comment. here, here, where.