Hey Craig! What’s going on dude! Always a pleasure. Can I show you a great trick? You can always do that. Excellent! It’s called Marshall’s Ten Card. okay. Your’e never gonna guess why it’s called that. I’m go out
on a limb that it was filmed originally in the 1920s in a Marsh and they wanted it to be in an a hall, so the Marsh Hall is really combining the two and, hmm you’re close. Okay. Hmm. it was developed by Sandy Marshall [Oh] and it uses ten cards but it was close. That’s okay. I’ll tell you what how about you give me any number between 1 and 10? Okay, hmm I’ll take five. That works, now do me a favor and count down five cards from the top of the pack – I don’t even want to touch them five? Face up? Face Down? Face Up, so we can see them one, two, three, four aaaaand five. right there, perfect. Now if you’ve dealt one more it would have been ahh, the six of diamonds. But you stopped at five. that’s? the Ace of diamonds. I have a prediction right over here, [Yep] if you read what it says it says you will choose the ace of and I did choose the ace of diamonds. Ace of diamonds! It’s called Marshall’s Ten Card. Nice having you. I appreciate it [utters under his breath:] have you ever heard of?