This weather is bad I barely made it here! And what are we reading here? OK, OK. Which hocus-pocus should I try first? OK, I think I will start with this one! Bear! Wanna see a magic trick?! OK. Hocus-pocus, one-two-three! Hocus-pocus, one-two-three! Hocus-pocus, one-two-three! I like the singing-dancing in the dark! Bear! My magic trick didn’t work out! Please trick me out of it! So good to have my favorite nose back! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Oh, a bunny! Wait, where are you all taking me now?! That’s what I call magic! I wanna do it too! Bear, get in there! Hocus-pocus, one-two-three! Whoo hoo! I did it! Hocus-pocus, one-two–Three. Bear! Bear? Hocus-pocus, one, two! Three! What a strange magic trick! Hi there, Bear! Show me a tricky trick!