What do you take away from that game? Two different teams, two different styles. What do you see from it? It’s tough. I think the goal is to get some guys 90 minutes. Obviously, some of us made it, but it’s tough
out here with the heat. I think it’s also really tough … I thought
we played quite well in the first half, we missed some chances. That sharpness in front of goal will come. It’s always tough, because a new team comes
on the second half, it’s not really the same game, right? We’re tired and they’re fresh. It’s a bit false that way, but I think the
team did well. We got the wins in both halves and it was
a more mature performance than we’ve had, I think, in earlier preseason games. In both halves you had shutouts, the back
line did their job, Vega did his job, keeping everything pretty well organized in terms
of defense. As you head into the regular season, how do
you think that will help the team get ready for a higher level of competition? It’s good to get the rhythm and Vega, myself,
Ruthven, Bernstein, a lot of the guys back there, we’ve played back there two years so
we’re quite familiar with one another and just getting back into the swing of things
this preseason. I think we’re ready for what the NPSL will
bring next week. Last question, big news this week, the firming
up of Open Cup plans, haven’t had a chance to talk to you since that got announced. What does that mean to you as a player, the
chance that Miami FC 2 will now have to play in the Open Cup? It’s exciting. We were hoping for that. It’s a chance for us to show what we can do
on a bigger stage and it was a lot of fun for us last year, obviously, making that run
to the quarterfinals. We want to do something similar again this