Paul: And Leveratto has this, he’s gonna win! Marshall: Matias Leveratto works his way through an
incredible field of top tier professionals, and he is your champion! Matias: It was amazing. I wasn’t expecting to do
this well this season, because I’ve been playing Magic for a really long time. I started
playing in, I think, 1998, 1999, but I quit, and then I returned, and then I quit, and
then I’m back. Once I started playing this year, I was so focused, because there were
few opportunities for Argentinian players to qualify. Just 1 PTQ or you have to do really
well at a Grand Prix, and we only have a few Grand Prix in the region, so every time some
player qualified, it was like, only one player going there. And now, being able to playtest
and to share this experience with some friends was amazing. Argentinian players are getting
better, and they are seeing that there’s opportunity and more room for them to appear.
I really hope that this helps them, and maybe next Worlds we have more competitors. My name is Matias,
and I will be the next world champion.