My name is riley I use he/him One! It will be one on Saturday. It’s a way to get out of my town. There’s not a lot of gays lesbians, like the whole LGBT community there’s not a lot of people there. No one accepted me for being trans so it’s just like to get away from all that to actually feel accepted. In a poem that I wrote, it was saying um how I just wish there was, that I could “walk through gate that there’s no hate” and that’s what it is. Like these doors are a gate where there is no hate. You can be who you are… you could be a potato and we wouldn’t care like no one cares what you are. We’re just happy you’re being yourself. There’s people my age that get what I’m going through. It gives you like like a rush of happy feelings and stuff and you are never down or sad. It’s pretty great. If the Center were to close tomorrow then a lot of us would probably go back into hiding and that’s that’s not a thing you wanna do. In a lot of other situations I don’t like to walk out of the house like how I look because I know someone’s gonna judge me. It was kinda hard to come out but then I came here and I was like, “Hey, there’s a lot of trans people and it’s really awesome!” You guys are just so helpful and you’re like, “Hey, if you wanna get your name changed, you can do it! If you wanna get on T, we have places you can go to get references. If you think you’re not wanted, then you can get the help that you need and stuff. It is a lot of hope that comes into this. I came out trans here, I mean come on!