Introducing the
amazing Toroflux. [CLEARS THROAT] Introducing the
amazing Toroflux, a tactile toy made from
a single band of metal. Think of it as a slinky
in the fourth dimension. Toroflux’s spiraling
band loops back on itself to form a donut
shape, which allows it to fully surround objects
and roll around them. Try rolling it down your
arm and up the other one. Then roll it back down
and pass it to a friend. Make Toroflux fall infinitely
by slipping a hula hoop through its center. Or just play with
it in your hands. Give it a tap and
it springs open. After you’ve picked
up Toroflux, you’ll have a hard time
putting it down. It’s just that fun. A flattened Toroflux
easily slides into its drawstring
carrying pouch. By the mesmerizing
Toroflux now at (SINGING)