Intro Music Welcome to Cooking it Simple, as promised in yesterday’s video, on the occasion of winning first prize from great masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor, I am making a special dessert for you all I am preparing Melting Chocolate Ball for you all today We dont need any special instruments or techniques and this can be done easily at home if you liked the video , please dont forget to like,subscribe and enable the bell icon to receive new video alerts For the filling i have used brownie and ice cream Let’s prepare the brownie first For this we need to use baking chocolate you have to make sure that among the chocolate’s ingredients cocoa butter should not be there Boil water in a sauce pan and keep a big glass bowl on top, like this We are double boiling I have added 50 grams of salted butter to this Also a 1/3rd cup of chopped chocolate which i showed you earlier Now add 1/3rd cup of sugar to this and let’s mix it till it gets melted by double boiling it Actually we are preparing brownie mixture which we have to keep as a filling inside the ball if you dont like brownie, you can prepare normal chocolate cake for the filling So now see, our brownie mixture is ready Take 1 egg add it to the brownie mixture and beat it with a whisk like this The batter should not be loose like normal cakes, instead it must be thick for this brownie Now lets add one tsp of vanilla essence to this Now let’s mix it well again Now lets add 1/3 cup of all purpose flour to this and also add two tbsp of coca powder to this we have to filter before adding , like this and now let’s mix it well like this See this will be a very thick batter it wont be foamy but kinda chewy instead Now let us transfer this to a baking tray. I have taken a long baking tray and put baking paper in it now, let us pour the brownie mixture to it now Now we have to spread the mixture evenly across the tray like this Now bake this in a preheated oven at 160 C for 30 minutes After 30 minutes let’s do a toothpick test. if it’s clean ,it means its baked well Now take a balloon and blow it like a globe and apply oil over it Now as we did earlier we have to double boil I have taken two bowls of chocolate one is 3/4 cup and the other is 1/2 cup Let’s add 3/4 cup of chocolate to the bowl and get it melted We are doing it same as we did earlier We have to stir it thoroughly often See, the chocolate is melting No need to melt it too long we have to remove when its still kind of chunky as you see Add the rest of the chocolate batch by batch and mix it I am mixing the 1/2 cup of chocolate which we kept separate earlier This is called tempering the chocolate We do tempering to change it to the desired shape once it melts Normally chefs use marble top to temper as they can control the temperature,but we will try to do it in a simpler way as that wont be feasible always at home You have to continue till you dont feel the chocolate is hot Now let’s take the balloon which we prepared earlier Now let us roll the balloon in tempered chocolate Coat the balloon with the tempered chocolate evenly on all sides like this. Balloon should be covered with the chocolate thoroughly like this If there is any places uncovered pour some chocolate there with a spoon like this We have to shake the balloon if there is any excess chocolate to get rid of it Now keep the balloon upright in a glass like this and keep it freezer until its set (took me approximately 30 minutes) I am adding 1/2 cup of heavy cream to the remaining melted chocolate This is normal whipping cream only, let’s mix both again by double boiling Now our balloon is set Press the sides gently using a knife This is to separate it from the sides Now lets put a small hole using scissors at the knot area Do not put a big hole or do it in a hurry because sudden deflation will brake the chocolate ball now,carefully remove the balloon it’s very delicate and fragile ,so handle it with care Now take two pieces of brownie from the one which we prepared and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it and add some fruits of your choice The filling also can be anything of your choice I am adding some blueberries for a bit of sourness also a mint leaf Now keep the chocolate bowl on top of it I am decorating it with some more bluberries Now take the sauce which we prepared using cream and chocolate earlier We have to pour it when its hot on top of this Then magic will happen, You have to make sure the sauce is hot if poured correctly globe will be melted and the dish will be so appealing as it would be mouthwatering in appearance It’s super tasty to eat I am not simply saying for the sake of it it actually is , and its a must try item, till we see in our next video Thank you