He said, how are you? And I said, you probably know. See? Lior Suchard. Suchard. Where are you from? I’m originally from Israel,
which is amazing country. Yes I travel all over the
world, surprising people, reading them. It’s not actually mind reading. It’s more about
knowing how they think. So I know how to manipulate
their minds in a good way. OK Everybody looks so
frightened with me. All right. I don’t know what
you’re going to do. But do something. So yeah– so I’ve
been traveling. And you had a birthday recently. I did. I brought you a little gift. OK. So can we bring the gift? Not very small, but
it’s for you, for later. OK. All right. And I want to show
you something. Are you familiar with this? This is hieroglyphics. It’s called hieroglyphics. Yes. People use it 5,000
years ago to communicate. Have you ever used one of those? I have not. You have. No, had not. You have. Have. You have. Have, yes. No, we just call it emojis. OK. All right. But it’s exactly the same thing. History repeats itself. So I decided to do
something with emojis. These express things
that we think. And we’re going to
try to do something. Actually, I checked
all the social media. You know how many
emojis are they total? No. About 42,103. Do you believe me? OK. Yes. Don’t believe. Don’t believe me. Don’t believe me, but– No. OK. All right. I’ll talk about this later. We’re going to do some
selection of random emojis. I have here a notebook
filled with different ones. These are known emojis. I’ve got here 100 known emojis. People know them. People recognize them. And you can select
one of them freely. OK. So hold your hand like this. OK. Lift one up and look at it, and
tell me if you recognize it. So just– OK. All right. You got it? No, I don’t want that one. I don’t want that one. No, this is the one. I don’t want that one. This is the one. OK. Can I– oh, you’ve
got– oh my God. OK. Yeah. You’ve got this one. OK. No, which is good. No, this is good. One more, and you had this one. Never mind. Yeah. This is good. This is ice cream. I don’t know if you
know– ice cream. OK. I don’t have enough
notebooks for all of you, so if maybe you– you want? No. You can– no, no,
look the board, and you think of one as well. And you’re together? OK. OK. So you can stand up, also. Stand up. Both of you stand up,
and look at the board, and you think of emoji. Look at me. [SNAP] You have an emoji? Yep. OK. You have an emoji? Yes. It’s not this one? No. Perfect. Which one did you pick? Number three, the
one with the heart. Oh, the kiss. Yes. Muah, the kiss. It’s a good one. Which one did you choose? The smiley face with sunglasses. The smiley face with sunglasses. Is that a free choice? Nobody told you to
chose this one, right? No. It’s a free choice, and
you chose this one freely. What’s the chance of
someone knowing that? Not very– I didn’t mean to choose
that one, but go ahead. Oh, no, this is luck. Yeah. This is all about– Bad luck. Yeah. Can you open the gift
for me for one second? OK. I did say a birthday needs
balloons, so I got three– Wow. –which is very strange, right? It’s very strange. I know. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. No, but I want to go
even crazier than this. I’ve got here less known emojis. Less known, so people will
not feel so connected. I don’t know if
you can see these, but these are lots
of difference. And now, we’re going to need
the audience participation. Who wants some emojis to select? Shall we go? Let me go, let me go, let me go. We’ll get some. We’re going to go you. You can stand up. Mix them up so we can see. Mix them up so we
can see the emojis, so we can see
facing Ellen and me. Stand up, stand up, stand up. Mix them up. Stand up. Mix them up. Mix them up. Mix them up. You want some? OK. Stand up. Let’s go to the cheap
seats over there. [CHEERING] No, it’s fine. You want some? OK. Stand up. Stand up. Stand up. Mixed it up so we can see
they’re all different and– [CHEERING] Stand up. Stand up. Stand up. Mix them up. Show that they’re all different. Show that they’re all different. Show us that they
are all different. Mix them up. Cut them. Cut them. Mix them up. Ellen, you get to
choose one, also. They are all different
here, as you can see. While you’re choosing, one
you guys look at your emojis, and choose one for yourself. And hold it close to your
chest so we cannot see. Only you can see it. But you put your
finger on one of them. Well, I don’t want
to choose that one, so I don’t want us to– Oh, you go with the first one? I guess so. Yeah. OK so you can take that. It doesn’t matter, actually. Take the first one. But don’t show me. Don’t show me. I won’t. You got it? These are really
all different ones. You can– Right. –see these are
all different ones. And here’s the plan. You are selected one? And this is a free
choice, correct? Nobody told you what to choose. Everything was completely fair. What is the chance– That we all chose the same one. Yes. That’s what I’m
thinking you did to us. Will that be completely
unbelievable? It will be. Wait, this is the moment
where the audience goes, woo. Woo. They always do that. Are you ready to
show your emojis? If this is the same
one, I will be in shock. Show us what you got. Let me see. Let me see. Let me– OK. In Israel, in Hebrew,
it’s the same. [LAUGHING] No, it’s not really the same. But I did say
sometimes, you have to look at things from
a different perspective. You did select this
freely, correct? We got two of the
same over there. OK? You did select this. Nobody told you what
to– you didn’t even know you’re going to be
selected to this specific part. You had many, many
options to choose from. I’m here with a shirt,
with a sentence. If you can, can you read
what it says over here? I would love for the
world to be happier. You have any idea
who said this line? I will give you a hint. Who said this quote? Here’s a hint. I guess it was me. Yes, it was you. Yeah. It’s amazing. You said this. Yes. How would you put
this into an emoji? I would love for
the world to be– don’t tell me that
you got the happy. [LAUGHING] [CHEERING] [APPLAUSE] I know. It’s a crazy coincidence. Crazy coincidence. Wow. I know. The chance of that is nothing. But going back to what you
chose at the beginning, nobody knew you would select
this, and you selected the– you selected the– I sure did. –the ice cream– The ice cream. –which is number
42 in the grid. You selected, you
said, number three. And you selected
number 11 over there. It’s kind of interesting,
because I kind of lied about the number of emojis. I wrote here– sorry, I
wrote here 42, 11, and 3, which is exactly what you said. But yes, sometimes, you
need to look at things from a different perspective. It says Ellen,
which is you, Ellen. That is me. That is you. [APPLAUSE] So with that, I will say
to all of you and to you, to always think
positive thoughts. Do you know why? Because you can never
know who can read them. Yeah. That’s a good thought. That’s amazing. All right. Go to our website to
learn more about Lior. That is incredible. We’ll be right back. Thank you.