Do you know how frustrating it is for a
student to struggle in math for the first time? They’ve excelled in honors
classes in the past but AP Calculus is a new challenge that’s threatening their
self-esteem and love for math. They may need an online Calculus tutor. As a former AP calculus teacher, I saw this
play out year after year. Calculus or A Level Maths seemed to be a make-or-break point for students
and my goal was for students to leave my classroom with improved confidence a
greater appreciation of math and a solid understanding of calculus with an
passing score on the AP exam to prove it. I’m Meryl Weaver from Meryl’s Magic Math and I’ve been helping
students master Calculus since 2010. I’m a certified teacher with a Master’s
in Math I left the classroom to provide more personalized one-on-one lessons
being able to move at a pace comfortable for the student allows the student to
achieve success each lesson and build confidence over time. One of my students
with the most gains was in AP calculus. She earned a C on her first test, which
was a review of the prerequisite skills needed for calculus. In other words she
was lacking some of the algebra, geometry, and precalculus skills she
needed, and on her next test, which was calculus based, she failed.
She had beautifully color-coordinated notes, she attempted the homework every
day, and even stayed after school for help sessions. Her and I worked
one-on-one to fill in her gaps in understanding from previous years and
also complete her current homework to practice calculus skills.
Once we filled in those gaps in understanding I challenged her to past
ap calculus questions. Having exposure to those rigorous ap level questions months in
advance, combined with her strong work ethic and individualized help from an AP Calculus tutor, she was
able to pass the AP calculus exam and ultimately earned college credit. I’m
confident your child can have a similar success story. As a gift for visiting my
website I would like to offer a free 30 minute initial consultation I will show
you how online tutoring with me works and answer any initial questions you may
have. If you are ready to start with online Calculus tutoring or A level maths tuition or GCSE maths tuition, please fill out my new
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child and I wish you the best of luck in your calculus journey!