Three games for the heat over the next five nights and the night of preview of the regular season opener nine nights from now Maya Gordon and one new as for your Miami Heat rockets Richardson Whiteside when heat nation will come back to the American Airlines Arena an off week. Oh and another by another story Never was held for the last few years. They finally let go of their top ten. Oh pretty dish by August see it weights up my tenants very solid preseason here comes subtitle Jay Ritz for the cutting go limit. That’s pretty excellent first lead for the game two and a half minutes is Yours Mucha bitch from the angle rattles it down. That’s good excellent, especially in the preseason when you’re playing a lot of people Olynyk uppercut try catch it on a perfectly like to Augustine’s pick and roll with Mucha bitch keeps it and whites and sends it three rows deep good recognition to did not leave their come to Aaron Gwin Fifth year Pro out of Arizona finds Vukovich who dreams of three Gordon down the runway by quite shaggy almost Oh, let it down the other way trackage for three More than interesting to watch the magic with a very tall front door Gordon short Baba walk Along, it’s true Bitch rolling away from the screen Augustin takes it to the paint draws in white said that’s a perfect setup by DJ Augustin, you’ve got the big man Wait for truth Atul wanders It’s good. Oh look at you skill level will haunt the Sun and it sounds defense will help. Oh look It’s at a piyo defending crop up who hits the hook shot over three point Anjali two minutes into the second quarter Bobby turns the corner for Hamburger becoming nether and Magruder again on the glass got four rebounds Ronde wide open Comes behind the Pam screen this time as a score he’s doing it all gorgeous fluttered the Heat of Nazca words nine straight points Richardson with a block Martin of a follow first school for the cutting McGruder that time the flip picked off by bow-bow-bow Grant don’t McGruder in right past him and grant made the heat Two-point lead for the heat right side blocking the shot by Gucci bitch. That’s his third block of the half J rips flips it in that’s a base outside pooja bitch for the three And the rebound at wait wait time waits. I got out challenged each of its three weights exact try for the school Nice use of the high screen by keyway with her right hand runner. There’s a be a plate maker out there always impactful for my pelota completed Gorton through it gets left in the half Let’s pull up but no splash down and white shot with another rip down rebound. Here’s Wade Yes, sir ROG double terrific wide open couple Second tray tonight for Kelly Olynyk for years three. He hurried it. And he missed it. He’s 1 for 8 Crockett Look at that man Shot clock is at 10 for Miami Mitchell off the baseline. What’s it in? From time to time flash star qualities. Oh, yeah, that’s good And that’s what we’re used to that it Evan for ya headed toward his vacation Fantastic shots out of the perimeter running guys off the line just like justice did they’re typically they’re rotating up. Why do I look? White’s I believe that Vucinic makes the hook That’s good, that’s good from Downton 11 to 2 1 Olynyk against Gordon easy block for Eric Augustine Vuckovich feeling the presence of Whiteside. He quick shot that list Winslow Able to finish something he is not using that left hand love the finish there by Winslow That’s Winslow’s first field goal the game puts the heat up 10 Gooch eventually gathered score three minutes left in the 13th Pitch a pitch after Whiteside left to help Jerian Grant back in for Orlando and we go the lad the pooch of it’s Wade with a foul 208 left of the 30 but Cooter’s back in so is Tyler Johnson and bam? Here’s Tyler wide open three Goodness, players have tripled in tonight’s game And treat the hooch of this Way way through his career, he has blocked six left of the third meetups for Winslow’s a kid another finish off the body sister for a minute left third fourth wins last three couple of stretch for justice Winslow in Switzerland Will play with leathers? three on the shot clock grant triples Jerry and Grayson, they’ll take needs play make a little bit more with back hit jacks with Jonathan Simmons missing all six of his shot so full nice dish Kemper charlatan BAM could get that one the truck bed here comes Simmons to the magic Feldenkrais her junior triples Seven rebounds five assists. That’s great. And that’s good. Tyler Johnson over the fat Bah-bah for birch nicely done. That’s all giving Be pleased by one there’s Simmons on the cash Back Reuters quarters 3 Now papa picked up his fourth foul out of it the offensive end. Here’s Duncan Robinson Will go back to the defensive end protecting a one-point lead Simmons And Simmons wrong for their points four rebounds. It is 21 minutes old Tied at 86 Natan garden gordon Uses the Vuckovich scream of drove through according with the triple Vucinic rupees Magruder He willed that Cabbage in every season games have a ten seconds left in the contest heat up quite one three on the shot clock Robinson gets it off but missed it and with a second left one flat three role But try to change the ball the blue-chip inch Looking for the line broken up by fan ball games has a heat get their first little appreciation Well, they tried to go inside to Gordon and bam read it perfectly Used his strength and athleticism to hold of off of Corral ahead that good link for the heat to start their final week of work of the