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guide author Steve Bourie interviews gambling expert Michael Shackleford who is also known as the wizrd of odds mike is one of the most well recognized names in the world of casino
gambling and he is a former adjunct professor of
casino math at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas mike is also the author of the book
gambling 102 plus he has a website at what’s it about
dot com where you can find a detailed analysis
of the casinos mathematical advantage on all the major games plus tips on the best strategies for
winning at each of those games now here’s michael Shackleford what is
your background my background is and I math and computer
science 73 in math and economics and along the way study Tom by the computer
programming languages do you work for gaming companies I’d
most of my time is spent on my website and I do some slot machine
design or a other are other game analysis Isaiah sideline headed to get the name Wizard of odds are one day I was reading
the paper and I was reading an article about a Chicago mobster who got um
indicted in sent to prison and mention that his moniker was the
wizard odd so I kinda figured as long as he was going
to prison he didn’t need it anymore and arm I already had a gambling site at
this time but it was called arm Mikes gambling page and I thought
you know was a divide sounds a lot better so I call it that and arm arm you know that’s how I’ve been refer to
for ever sent do actually gamble yourself oh
yes I love gambling I it’s in my blood then gambling as long as I can remember
arm on you know even as a child just on a you know say running a race or
basketball game arm whatever I could think a what games
do you play what’s my favorite game to play probably
the thing that I spend the most time on is sports betting I’m however I really are enjoy the pike out I’ll it’s played
with 32 what look like dominoes and the rules
are very complicated are but I find it a very intriguing game and it’s our also its nice low low
volatility game what do you think is the dumbest
thing players do in a casino the dumbest thing a player can do in the
casino is play the slot machines art it’s a very
expensive former gambling the house edge is
comparatively high they played very high rate of speed and
as I said in my last interview arm my advice to video poker players what I’m my
advice for slightly as was the switch to video poker are absolutely stand by a arm slots are
a horrible but and Tom so thats that’s my one single worst mistake the
players make when you’re analyzing the casino at 10
games is there one game that stands out in your memory as being the highest of
all time the worst that I’ve ever seen in a casino is the is a keno game over at Harrah’s Las
Vegas are with the house advantage ninety-six
percent that’s a4 percent return on your money
that’s the worst I’ve ever seen arm there is a worse for me gambling is
there is a carnival game call Tom I what’s the name of that it’s like a football game that involves
our balls in a and a field and you and a poor arm balls into this grid and Andy and they
add up the points and according to how many points you get
in advance as a player down the field and as soon as he scores a touchdown you
get a arm you know and I scammer something like
that but they cheat you know they they Chi in your favorite
the beginning and then when you get close to the
touchdown line that’s when they quit cheating anymore and its first virtually
impossible to advance if the game is played fairly and Dom you know i i calculated that the odds at
that were played without cheating in a player’s favor that the
house advantage would be like 99.999 and I and would
like a million nine’s percent for someone who goes to a casino
to only play slot machines what is the best advice you can give
them mind my advice is the first ball play in moderation arm secondly play a simple game arm you know don’t play one with you
know a gigantic monitor that’s based on a hot TV show or movie play one on the you know simple games
like kitty glitter or a hundred Lions and arm it’s better to play at a high denomination but with fewer
lines than a low denomination with lotsa lines in general arm and it it also matters
what casino you play at and as a rule upon the nice to the
casino the tighter the slots for someone to go
so casino to only play blackjack but it’s the best advice you can give
them arm for small I would congratulate them for picking a
game and arm my advice would be to try to
memorize the basic strategy and that’s how to play every situation arm according to your hand and the
dealer’s up card and if that if it’s too much to ask you
to memorize that I have something on my website called simplified strategy thats to several rules that’ll get you
very close to the basic strategy arm how to manage and I’m so learn that and seek out the good rules
and my website was it in Vegas indicates the rules for every single
Casino in Las Vegas someone ago so casino Tony play video
poker what is the best advice you can give
them again good choice a games and and it is very similar to black jackets
/a it’s two steps one find a good game and to play it
right and arm there’s those web sites that
likely be free to dock on that list what is the best team in every single
casino in america and a and then once use you know find the game you like
hopefully a good game and where to play it then you have to
play it right and and video poker strategy we can can be
complicated but you know it’s not that bad there’s a lot
of sources available where you can by simplified strategies and arm arm you know and and then just be
careful and and played a game right and the absolutely do not sit down and
video poker I’m just fly by the seat of your pants because the strategies are very non intuitive and and on its it’s very important that you do
your homework and its multi play video poker affect
your bankroll I’ll first of all in general the
multi-player games often have worst hey tables in the same line games
but not always are given the same pay table same 96
jacks are it it and let’s say that every time you make a bet let’s say that
you’re comfortable bedding a hundred dollars you would be much better off playing 20
line one dollar then one-line twenty dollars because it did multi
played in lines your bet among slots a different hands lowering
the volatility however if you’re a one dollar player arm you’re gonna be better off spending one hand at a time when a one player
game than 100 on a one player game so personally I
like the multi-player games arm I i think that I’m I’ll that the way I manage my bankroll it lowers my volatility and it you know
and if I have a certain goal like to accomplish a certain amount of action and let you
achieve that faster for someone who knows nothing about
gambling what is your best advice I think that a good first came to learn
would be craps I’ll you can you know and all you need to know is to a make a line that Europe after the don’t pass
and back it up with the odds you have a very little
house advantage and it’s very simple is it true downtown casinos have lower
minimum bet some crap tables and other Las Vegas casinos yes and and
that’s true with lotsa games and arm yet and you will find lower
limits on every game downtown and that it’s a
good place to learn at army if you know if you’re on a limited
thankful for whatever reason arm and if you’re intimidated to play
the first time a play early in the morning when you can
probably get table to yourself and I’ll get more the dealers attention to
explain the rules to you and you won’t embarrass yourself if you know if you do anything wrong how
can people learn more about you and your work my website is the best place with a
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