Hi All
At last we managed to complete a very interesting and challinging map playing
against a strong opponent There were castles changing hands
multiple times Heroes making tactical moves
around the map accumulating army and skills And there were 2 epic battles at the end When we’ve initially seen our opponent’s army we thought there was a little chance for us to win We noticed that he had way too many
skeletons also the brown area on the mini map
indicated that he had at least 3 castles already While we had just finished clearing our corner from neutral army we still didn’t have decent skills Therefore it could be suicidal to meet our
enemy in open battle Also from previous experience we knew that this player always used Quick Battle in PvP As his army was bigger AI calculation could
be on his side So we decided to kite from the his main hero until we got ready In this round the 3rd player has left the game As our opponent moved into our territory
we knew that our castle would be lost Luckily for us some of his castles were
unguarded and we used this opportunity to stay afloat Necropolis faction special ability Necromancy
allows to get skeletons and banshees after battles
That allows to travel around the map without restocking Those who played this map may know the importance
of Shantiri Dwellings There you can buy powerful Titans
Unfortunately without stable income from the castles we couldn’t always afford them Here we showed our intention to take our
opponent’s main castle but as he teleported to defend it we
moved towards the middle castle And soon enough the enemy took it back
But as he left it undefended we moved in with our scout so he would waste his turn to recapture it again Our hero took the main castle back
and learned new skills there After multiple castle takeovers we felt that soon we could attack our enemy’s main hero Finally after many weeks of kiting we
decided we were ready for the final battle When the battle started we didn’t know our
opponent’s skills or stats
Also enemy had significantly bigger stacks Therefore we had to fight in defensive position
expecting his units to move toward us Prior to the 2nd battle we knew that the victory would be on our side because our opponent’s hero was without any artefacts
and also we had many more skeletons Thank you for watching