Hi All Welcome to Might & Magic Heroes Online
We are going to start a new Hero and see gameplay At the moment there are 2 Factions Haven and
Necropolis Let’s start with Haven
Here we choose Cleric, gender, name and outfit There is not a big choice of outfits in the
beginning When we first start we have to follow the
Story Line When we click on inventory our Hero info is
displayed with all our equipment and stats The books icon displays our skills
For now we don’t have any Let’s do our 1st battle A very important thing to know is how the ladder of initiative works
Here in the bottom right corner we can see when which unit will have its turn to help
us plan our moves Also we can open Boss info and check his details
As we see he has a weakness to ranged attack When we hold a cursor on the target we can
see its movement range: the blue line is where it goes and the red line the area within which
it attacks It will add extra damage if we hit it from
a particular angle: we can flank or backstab First few levels are gained easily After a short story we get to our 1st City We received the 1st quest asking to build
a Loophole tower in our new city Here we name our city We collect money from Town Hall There are not many buildings available from the start We add a new building Loophole tower and buy
Archers there After this we go back to the NPC to get the
reward and a new quest It is easy to follow the story line quest
with the help of a minimap in the upper right corner We collect everything in our way And here will be our 2nd tutorial battle with Treants Our Archers have the second skill called Fire
Arrows that the Treants have a weakness to and this will do more damage Archers are light armour units and so it’s
better to avoid getting damaged Also Archers won’t be able to shoot if they
are right next to the enemy Kiting is crucial in many situations Green roots are the Treants’ debuff that won’t allow our Archers to move When hitting in close combat we will receive retaliation damage At level 3 we get 2 ability points
We use them to learn skills We won’t be able to learn Heal until level
6 so for now we choose Sanctuary and Rush Sanctuary will make our unit invulnerable
for 2 rounds and Rush will give our units +2 movement range which would allow our units
to reach further to attack or to kite We continue our tutorial story line and get
the 1st armour piece Armour and weapons that Hero equips adds stats
not only to the Hero but to army units as well Shrines do not just add beauty to this game but they definitely have their use
This one gave us extra 80% Damage Power for 30 minutes Here is another Boss Highland Shaman Shaman has resistance to Fire so it’s better
to shoot regular arrows In this situation we have to kill all monsters
first and leave the Boss till the end Wolfs have high initiative and can cause a
lot of damage to our Archers We are not going to show you the whole battle
but concentrate on the gameplay Here as reward we get a weapon
Don’t forget to equip it So we reach the next level
Unfortunately we still can’t learn Heal There are 2 good choices left: Warlord Command
and Bolt We take Bolt this time Now we’re going to show you some game options
Here you can adjust music and visual effects or untick tutorial when you won’t need it anymore And we go on with our story tutorial
We’ve reached the camp where we will receive a new quest that involves adding buildings
in our city and using teleports to move faster across the map Here on the map we can see the camp location and our city location Now we need to build Barracks, buy and equip some Sentinels and also upgrade the Town Hall At this level we can carry only 2 stacks and
we move Archers summing them together so that we have an open slot for Sentinels There is PvP in this game Arena will be available from level 5 and we’ve
made a separate video to fully cover it Hero interface consists of 4 folders: Stats,
Class Specialisation, Appearance and Adornments It is possible to change character name any time And at the end we’ll show you Hero Seal offer
for beginners in case you decide to buy them This package includes gold, a weapon and XP
booster and also 5 Obelisk Shards for Forgotten Sites We will cover Forgotten Sites in another video In this tutorial we didn’t mention Sieges,
Guilds, Group Raids, etc. Check out our YouTube channel for end game
features Hope this helps and good luck in you battles