Hi All,
We are going to show you how you how to do a chain quest to farm crystals
And to get to this NPC you can either come from the Rift or from the Black Fang Harbour So here we are We are going to take the first quest from the Worm Hunter and it promises us 18 crystals So now we are going to activate it on our
mini map so we can see where we’re going After this we are going to take a shortcut home And then to the portal to Black Fang Harbour Here we speed up a bit Until we reach the Stablemaster And he gives us this horse to take back with us Then we take a shortcut home Next we take a portal to the Rift This quest started very nicely It is a pleasure to take such a lovely horsy for a walk But maybe you’ve noticed that the name of this quest is Monster’s Diet and so we want to prepare you that you don’t get a shock later And we’re nearly here So our nice horsy is delivered safely and we have to leave it here a minute while we talk
to the Worm Hunter Now we are going to collect our 18 crystals
and get the next quest This quest offers 60 crystals and this will
involve a serious fight And we go back to where we’ve left our horsy
Friends! This is the shock that we’ve been trying to prepare you for
This bloody mess is what’s left of it We appeal to All to do this quest only once
if you have to in order to save horse population in Whispering
Plains and to minimize animal cruelty
This Worm will be a special pleasure to kill Here is the Banner of Divine Initiative that
could really help you in this fight but at level 26 we don’t need it in this case Even though this big worm looks scary the main damage will come from two smaller
worm stacks While we have a chance we put
reinforcement on our Blazing Glories For the time being we ignore big stacks of scorpions because they got blocked by the worms
We apply Blindness to Worm minions Now we’re going to kill the main Worm
We put Soul Mark on it It may take a couple of rounds to finish the
Worm as it has 30 k HP We move the Priests forward to block incoming scorpions in future Here we can see what kind of damage the
Worm does It killed 8 Glories After we finish it off we start with the minions one by one Cleric hero has a lot of crowd control skills We will use Pacification, Blindness and Slow
on big scorpion stacks when they approach us
We will also make sure that the worm minions won’t have their turn Some players might find this battle difficult
We again advise you to take the Banner of Divine Initiative
or you can invite a friend to help We are not going to bore you with the full
battle as long as you have a feel of what it takes to win this Here we collect the Worm remains and take them to the Worm Hunter to finish the quest and get our 60 crystals So we hope this helps and good luck in your battles