Hi all We’re going to talk about prestige how to earn it and what it is for As you noticed in the top panel there’s a new symbol for prestige points and also on the map they’re displayed where the Prestige traders are located and here there is one and let’s see what we can get for the points We can get some skin for the weapon skin for our horse a cuddly bear some dye but most importantly and expensive is the construction permits so how we get the points first of all and the easiest probably is to do guild quests So we have this done already and it gives us 50 prestige points here I’d like to stress that we in fact
did not participate in this and our guild members done it for us but we still can collect prestige points and here we’re just clicking through and let see how many points we gained so far we have 200 prestige points already Another way to gain prestige is to
participate in a raid you need five players in one party to start it We are now in Falcon’s Reach and we landed here and we walk over here to Training Grounds Now we enter this is the first level raid that guarantees us some prestige points and we know that the first level gives 50 prestige points and it only took us about 20 minutes to complete We havealso tested PvP battles to see how many
prestige points they would give us and this battle here we have won and as you can see we got 25 prestige points we have also done another battle where we lost and we got only 5 Prestige Points for that. So all in all we feel that because mostly Prestige points are gained through guild quests or party battles that it was introduced into the game to encourage players to play together
or to join guilds So we hope this helps and good luck in your battles