Hi All We are going to show you Siege Battle
This one is in the Story Line and impossible to skip Gate, wall and towers have their own HP and can be broken with siege Catapult or army units On the enemy side there is a Fire Pot Launcher
that deals area damage with extra burn debuff We will try to destroy that launcher
as soon as possible Towers also shoot at our troops We’ll put Wait on Catapult till the gate
is open by enemy units Our army needs to spread so that Fire Pot Launcher hits just one unit Here we quickly create a hotkey for Soul
Mark Hotkey allows to use keyboard numbers
instead of opening the Spell Book When an enemy unit opens the gate we have an opportunity to hit Fire Pot Launcher without having to destroy the gate Soul Mark deals damage and reduces
enemy defense for 2 rounds and it is stackable Here it is our Catapult’s turn It has two very powerful skills: 1st does great damage another one is area stun that we will use now against enemy stacks so they will skip they
turn and keep the gate open In the 2nd Round we hit Fire Pot Launcher Our Hero finishes the Launcher and again we
want remind you that if the gate was closed we
would not be able to hit it and it could cause a
lot of damage to our troops In future sieges gate, walls, towers and Fire
Pot Launcher will have more HP so
Catapult skills need to be used wisely to succeed in this type of battle To finish this battle we need to destroy both towers While there is some HP left on the last tower
we can use an opportunity and
heal up our damaged units with skills or scrolls and finish battle when we are ready But please mind that skills cannot be applied
to those units which are separated by a wall or a gate So we hope this helps and good luck in your battles