Hi All,
We’ve completed Stadium of Strife and would like to share our tips First few stages are easy so we don’t comment a lot here It is very important to come in with Banner of Divine Initiative buff otherwise there will be massive
losses in Stage 6 Here we disregard other units, Soul Mark the Boss and kill it quickly If you are determined to go till the end,
it is important to come here with a lot of scrolls of Warlord’s
Command, Life Drain, Sanctuary, Rouse and a few Feeble Mind scrolls. In order to finish this stage in one round please make sure that you choose the right unit to hit the closest enemy stack +5 Initiative buff is a must have here, otherwise the Boss goes first
and there will be huge losses Here it is highly recommended to release a
friendly stack by destroing the cage
Because it not only fights for us but also takes damage and attracts enemy attention
Eggs are better to be destroyed with Hero skills to avoid damaging army units The same tip here as in Stage 7, it is
recommended to destroy cages and release 2 stacks of friendly units Mage’s crowd control skills allow to complete
this stage by killing only the Boss and the eggs
Again, it is better to kill the eggs with Hero abilities Nothing special here
A lot of damage needs to be done to targeted monsters
Try to hit them with Soul Mark and when they have no shield on The same as in stage 7 and 8
Release friendly stacks from the cages We have enemy Ghosts here but the type of
enemy stack can be random To save time we’ve decided to hit and kill
the Boss only It could cost us dearly if we didn’t manage
it in time So here will be 2 options: 1) if the Boss
is close enough then we would kill him straight away
2) if he is far like in this situation we would need to
take care of incoming monsters as well By the time we reached Stage 13 we have no +5 initiative buff
This means we need to use our Hero’s crowd control skills on the most dangerous enemy units
Here our Hero manages to disable 2 such stacks It is recomended to kill all spawn points
when it is possible Cleric’s crowd control skills allow to do
this stage relatively quickly and without a problem
Crowd control everything that you have to and kill the targets Depending on the position of the main target
this Stage can be done in 1 to 3 rounds
Crowd control everything that needs to be and kill the Boss Notorious Stage 16
Here is where Cleric’s crowd control has an advantage compared to other classes 2 types of Sanctuary can be used:
Sanctuary skill for 2 rounds and scrolls for 1 round
It makes it difficult to defend the target because when it
has its turn it may cancel Sanctuary and do its own skill
Therefore it is important to apply Sanctuary at the right moment As it is a pure survival Stage, we use Sanctuary when possible on the target while our stacks
try to kite from the enemy blinding them when needed Warlord’s Command and Rouse scrolls were very useful here In this round we need to build a box with
our units and try to protect them
We move all Glories into one corner and assume defensive position
Then we survive for 8 rounds regularly healing up and blinding nearby enemy units This stage can be difficult and time consuming
Before killing the Boss we need to kill NPCs that give various defence buffs Then we keep 2 enemy stacks of healers in
perma blindness and kill the Boss
This Boss does mass AOE damage every 3 rounds that is better to avoid In this stage we jumped from one side of the barrier to another to make our units more secure and to make a good use of crowd control skills
The biggest ranged enemy stack was kept disabled This stage is the same as Stage 16 but with Demon army
It is easier though because we can debuff any unit Stacks are a bit bigger but there are no serious ranged or flying units that have caused us problems in Stage 16 At the first glance we got confused and applied
Entrenchment But then we relised that the Worm
does not do big damage, the only thing to watch out for is to make sure to clean its debuffs We killed it without any problem Stages 22 and 24 are similar
There is no option but to receive damage from one huge stack of Kappa Of course we blind the biggest stack and pray that another Kappa doesn’t kill the whole stack of Glories in one hit If we survived that Kappa hit, we can form a box and defend there using all possible crowd control skills for 8 rounds At the 1st glance we thought it was an easy stage but later we realized that enemy stacks were so big that we were absolutely right to use crowd control on them from the very beginning Do not wait until they are close to you, start Blinding them ASAP Here it is the final Stage We again have no option but to suffer damage from one of the stacks, there are too many to control We’ve made some mistakes here but managed
to finish it anyway We recommend to start killing the main Boss only when his Priemptive Strike has been removed and multiple Soul Marks have been applied So we hope this helps and good luck in you battles