Alright everybody. Now I’m going to show you
another really cool kid’s trick that we’ve modified to work in the office. We’re going
to do it with markers. We need 4
different colors so I picked red, green, black, and blue. Now, here’s what’s going to happen.
Our friend Mr. Hand is going to come in and select one of the markers. What I’d like you
to do is put it in my hands behind my back. I don’t want to see which one it is. Just put it in my hands behind my back. I’m
going to try and use my expert mind reading powers to figure out which color you’ve selected,
but it’s kind of difficult. Let me see if I can. I’m going to guess that Mr. Hand selected
the red marker. If I reach behind my back and pull it out, we do in deed have the red
marker. In a second, I’m going to show you how you can tell which color they picked very
easily. Come back for that. It’s going to be cool.