Hey hello and welcome this is Bruno
delhome if you are thinking about getting into network marketing or affiliate
marketing but you don’t know which one is best for you stay with me in this
video because I’m going to explain you exactly what separates these two
business model and which one you should choose based on your preference now
let’s jump into the content network marketing an athlet marketing are two
very similar concept your job in both of them will rely on promoting other
people’s products in exchange of commissions by entering an MLM program
you will really be attached to the company and you will have no other
choice but to sell the product other service provided by this company you
will benefit from two different sources of income the first one is the direct
selling method which means that every time that you successfully sell a
product or service provided by your company you will earn a commission
second source of income is by building your own team of distributors you will
have to recruit to make people join your business and every time you do that they
will be added into your system and every time the two teams generate sales you
will earn more commissions and this is where the whole concept the whole power
of network marketing comes into play what you got the more partner the more
distributors you have in your team do more commissions you will make okay now let’s talk about athlete’s
marketing this is basically the exact same concept except the fact that with
affiliate marketing you will not be attached to anybody or any company you
will operate as a single and independent entrepreneur which will give you much
more flexibility and a complete control on what product you wanna sell when
network marketing ask you to build your business around a single product and the
creation of your own team athlete marketing gives you total Liberty of
choice you can promote many different kind of different products without any
restrictions and because of that athlete’s marketing gives you endless
possibilities in terms of income stream so now here is my conclusion there is no
better or easier business model between affiliate marketing on network marketing
they are both equal you will have to put in the work if you want to succeed there
is no magic button where you press and you get rich quick now if you’re the
kind of person who needs to be attached to a particular product or a particular
company and if being part of the team and managing people is something that
you like then network marketing is definitely the kind of business model
that you want to get into on the other side if you prefer working on your own
as a free bird and don’t rely on anybody else you will absolutely love affiliate
marketing and if you select this path your only limitation will be in your
imagination now if you complete beginner if you don’t know you still hesitate on
which one to choose which one is best for you I will leave you down below this
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