What’s your name sir? My name is Andrew Lee I’m 31, and I’m from Malaysia Why Britain’s Got Talent There’s always the dream to be on Britain’s Got Talent and there’s always my hopes to perform for the royal family. Okay? Brilliant Are you married? Nope, but I’ve got my girlfriend over here. Who’s going to help me out later with the act. Yeah. Okay, best of luck Andrew. Thank you. We like surprises and you have no idea what’s happening. I love that Well, I’m sure that many of you guys have seen a card trick well tonight I’m gonna add my twist to this by adding a sense of danger. Now Ant. Yeah? Can I get you to stand right over here and Dec Can I get you to stand right over here facing that way? Okay? Dec I’m gonna go through the pack like this. You say stop wherever you like Stop. Right here? Now take a good look at your card. Yeah. Remember it? Good. Now we’re gonna make your card unique Go ahead pull the corner off and Keep that as your receipt, okay And you’re gonna hold the deck in a nice spread. I can do that. Yeah, okay Take a deep breath and relax. Ladies and gentlemen in a moment you guys to go to count out loud To three and when that happens, Ant you’re going to toss the deck straight up in the air as high As you can. The whole deck? Yes, and I’m gonna find Dec’s card. By throwing this knife. Is that alright Dec? I think so, yeah. Perfect great. Okay. This is what’s gonna happen And I’m gonna throw this knife at you Do it on or off Off I’ll take it off. You have it off. Yeah good choice No I’ll have it on, I’ll have it on. Ant are you ready? I’m ready. On the count of Dec, do you still have your part? The first person to escape from a straitjacket was Harry Houdini and it was a feat which he said was the most difficult of his entire career. Tonight I would like to attempt to escape from a straitjacket for you. Earlier I met Mr. Declan Donnelly and I put you in the straitjacket and I gave you a go and we filmed it. Can we play that video in is that possible? Yeah, there’s not much getting out there You didn’t manage to get out it was difficult. Yeah difficult impossible We gave you the straitjacket you’ve had that since before you took it off. No one’s interfere with it. No Oh you get your own back now cuz you get it put it on me you can hold it up nice and high my arms are gonna go inside here and Janine is gonna come help you do it up When Houdini escaped from a straitjacket he would do it hanging upside down hundreds of feet up in the air suspended by a single rope and Then later other escape artists copied the ax but they wanted that take it up a notch So they would set the rope that suspended them on fire. And obviously they had to escape before the Rope burned through Tonight I’m gonna kick it up a notch again tonight won’t be the Rope that’s on fire It will be me I’m going to be doused in fuel Hung upside down and set alight Let’s do this, my only lifeline will be the fire extinguisher hanging next to me Are you satisfied that I’m restrained sir? Absolutely a new worker is done. Thank you I’m actually quite nervous from yeah Oh my god, he’s not you know that There’s much Come on come on They say that time is of the essence That’s especially true tonight This is not a trick. The concept is very simple a regulation straightjacket Five buckles down the back one across the arms Hanging above the stage is a human bear trap 16 serrated blades all held open by a single rope in a moment I’ll be suspended by my ankles and raised 20 feet into the air the rope which holds the trap open will be set on fire the Rope burns through in approximately 53 seconds Leaving me 52 seconds to make my escape before the trap comes slamming shut tonight could and catastrophic ly let’s begin What would you think about if you had 60 seconds left to live? It’s been said your entire life flashes before your eyes The most important moments go by in an instant The people you love the people you lost the people who made a difference Tonight I’ll see it for myself Welcome to Britain’s Got Talent Thank you so much. What’s your name Pontus? I’m from Sweden. So what brings you to Britain’s Got Talent today? I’m gonna show you the world’s most dangerous card trick. Oh great. I Love don’t jump. I loved idris card tracks If you were to just grab one of those as long as you’re happy, yeah, just have a peek And just place it right over there. That’s perfect. So David in my hand. I’ve got a Combination padlock I’d like you to think of a four-digit combination. So just write it down and I’ll look away Perfect so this combination lock is to be set to the combination that you just chose So I’ll leave this lock to my assistant just for here and he’ll help you to set it to that combination so that everything is as it should be Back here. We got a water tank About the question Roughly how long? Have you got to get out before you die? We don’t want to get to two minutes. Got it. Okay? Thirty seconds, come on. Come on, come on It’s nearly two minutes Get them out guards get it out what we teach when it’s a guys Guys Call dr. Listenable Corey’s Simon you picked a card, right the teller diamonds Does this stand up that climb in this match? Davis you said you were gonna perform the world’s most dangerous car trick and that must be the world’s most dangerous car true Oh bleep enter What you do is very clever the presentation isn’t quite out there. Yeah Showmanship basically imagination. I think that it’s a really brilliant concept. It’s thrilling And you’re crazy Very brave, I’m gonna kick this off with a yes. I’m gonna say yes. You’ve got four yes’s here today