Motu and Patlu have made my life miserable, but now I have a thunderous idea coming in my devilish mind. Motu Patlu will have no friends anymore, every friend will turn into an enemy. And then they would be thrown out of Furfuri town. But boss, every time we get thrown away, because of your thunderous idea. Shut up you fools, this time my idea is full proof, completely fresh. Nobody will come to know anything. Dear Motu! Yes, who are you? I am your guardian angel, after seeing your good and soft heart, I have decided to increase your age. Do you want this to happen? Yes angel, why not? Everyone dreams to have a long life. Ok, but for that you need to sacrifice something. I am ready to sacrifice anything. Ok dear, from today your age will increase and your friends age will decrease. Mr. Angel, what did you say? Our age will reduce? Guardian angel, please wait, sacrificing my friends? No! Sorry dear, whatever I utter once always turns into reality. One more thing, whenever you will hug a friend his age will immediately get transferred in you. And your friend will go to heaven at the same time. What was the need to say that you’re ready to do anything? Nothing will happen to you and but you are sacrificing your friends’ life. Sorry Patlu, but I didn’t know that the Guardian Angel will ask for such a sacrifice. I hardly have friends, one is this tea vendor. Stay away! Dare you call me your friend? I don’t want to get rid of this world so soon, I am telling you. You will not understand this way, run away from here, right now, leave. Ok fine but at least take money. I don’t want your money, I don’t take money from enemies, now don’t come here ever again. Oh my god! How is this possible? How can this happen? How can a guardian angel reduce someone’s age? Oh my god! I need to do something. Patlu, I have complete faith that big brother will definitely help us. Big brother, what did you do? Patlu, see friend is no more a friend. Dr. Jhatka, please listen to us at least once, we all are in a big problem. It’s not we but Motu’s friends are in problem, from today we are Motu’s enemies. Enough is enough, angel said and all gave up their friendship, I will meet big brother. Patlu, lets enter through the window. Motu, let’s go to Chingam sir. Patlu, it seems like Furfuri town’s jail has come under the category of big jail. That’s why there is tight security or else some renovation might be going on. Stop running the horses of your brain, this is all for your welcome. My welcome? Wow! But where are the horses? This is just a phrase, Chingam sir has done these arrangements to protect himself from you. No! Chingam sir is everyone’s savior, he can never do this. Hey Motu-Patlu, don’t even think of coming to this side or else I will light fire in the canon. But Chingam sir, you are my friend. Oh my god! Don’t call me your friend and don’t open your arms. We are enemies from today, I will count till three and you shall run away by then, or else, three! He didn’t count one and two, directly said three, this is cheating. Run! You’ve made me run a lot, today it’s your turn, saw number 1, my thunderous plan? Really boss, your plan was thunderous. Motu, angels exist only in books, you are very innocent. First think, why did the angel increase only your age? I think John is behind all this. But Patlu, how can John fly? Even I’m not able to understand that. Think fast Patlu, my mind doesn’t work on empty stomach. Let’s go to John. John will become the Don! For Motu Patlu there is a well on one side and a valley on another side, where will they go? It is time for Motu Patlu’s departure. Did you see Motu? Your angel is having a party over there. This time we will teach a good lesson to John. That you leave it on me, I will repair him now. Stop Motu, we will have to adopt the policy of tit for tat, come on. Tea vendor bro, now you aren’t my friend anymore, but at least give me some samosas. Yes, have samosas but don’t talk about friendship. Who are you? I am a friend of friends and an enemy of enemies, my younger brother Chotu is your guardian angel. By mistake, he decreased the years from the life of your good friends, I am here to rectify his mistake. Please rectify it fast, all my friends are going away from me. Don’t cry kid, go and tell your friends. That whoever will hit your enemy will be increasing the no of years of their life. The more slaps the more years of life they will gain, one year for one slap. What? This means that if my friends want to increase the years of their life. Then they can do it by slapping my enemy, but who is my enemy? I don’t know. Innocent kid, your one and only enemy is John the Don. Leave me! Where are you taking me? What are you doing? Hey, my life line has increased by 70 years friends. Hurray! I gave him full 100 slaps, my life has increased by 100 years, mummy I am so happy! Number 2, everyone is standing in the line, what if boss doesn’t stay anymore? Even we should go and increase our lifeline. Yes! You are right. Who are you brother? If you want to increase your life line then stand in the line. I am the one whom you all are slapping and increasing your life and decreasing mine. What will you all do by increasing your life so much? Run! Catch him! Now we call that, one pomegranate and hundred patients. Hey wait, even I want to increase the years to my life.