How are you tea vendor, hope all fine ? All good, by grace of God and friends like you, come sit down. He is sweet talking, what is the matter you don’t sit, lets go from here. Motu bro why are you standing? Please sit down, One minute, let me wipe the chair and dust it off. Sit. Patlu sir, why are you standing? come and sit, please, am I mad to sit here. Hey, Patlu friend, where is my big brother Motu? He is up there and coming down May all bitter medicines go in your mouth. My waist is broken. If you wanted to come by air, you should have landed in some airport. Why did you make runway on me for your landing? Sorry Big Brother, I requested tea vendor for samosa. He made me sit on the hot pan, oh it’s still burning and painful. I have 20 yrs experienced dealing with tea vendor, Dr.Jhatka take your locket out. Come let’s go to the tea stall, today he will serve all of us by his hand the samosa. Locket? Which Locket. Look at this locket my friends, this locket can hypnotise and make the person in our control Come today we will teach a lesson to the tea maker. What is this? Say I have waived off all your debts and shall feed by my hands every day samosa. I senses have not taken my leave. Didn’t get hypnotize. I have waived off all your debts, everyday I will with my hands serve you samosa. Couldn’t you get hypnotize a little before . This is a great locket, we can hypnotise any one with this. Boss, Jhatka has a hypnotizing locket, anyone can be hypnotized and controlled. Where is it ? Where is the locket? Boss don’t give such surprise entry, my heart will fail. Look there! Locket in Motu’s hand. Salutation to friends salutation to enemies, hand over the locket to me, it’s mine now. Wow Boss, what a poem you made isn’t number 2? Yes Useless fellows leave the poem aside catch the locket. Motu do something fast, empty stomach, I don’t get ideas. Is it a stomach or deep well, ate so many somasa and still hungry? Idea! Both of you beat your Boss Bumps, thrash him. What a poem you made. Hey, Men without brain stop beating me, catch them , aah! Motu thinks fast, John may be coming here any time. What can I do , Empty stomach my brain doesn’t work. Call Chingum fast let me call him, I have experience of 20 yrs to make a call. Hello Inspector Chingum here. Sir! Ghasitaram speaking, John the don is chasing us, please come fast. Why fear when Inspector Chingum is here. I am coming right now. But here means where? I forgot to ask where are they ? Where should I go ? John, let’s run. Catch Motu and Patlu. Hey! what’s happening ? I am so slim, how ? I am so fat, how? This fat belly look very ugly. Oh! You look perfect, you too look perfect, oh this magic mirror, come run. I am fine but belly fat look very ugly, let’s go home, I will show you. John will be Don, John will be Don, now I am tall , No one dare stop me. Boss poem is good but what is wrong with us , how come we became dwarfs. It’s curse to be tiny, it’s sin of last life. What had I done sin in last life ? What am I cursed ? what rubbish are you talking. I am tall now, will give you one tight slap underneath your ears. I don’t have to tell you to bend. Wow! I am tall and not dwarf, Shut up! Lets catch Motu and Patlu. Come on! Runfast!! Stop it! Or else I will shoot. Don’t fear, when Chingum is here. Oh! my god. Stop or will shoot! John, I am hypnotizing you , open your eyes and look at it. Boss they ran away, open your eyes. Stop in the name of law I say stop. Oh! My god, what is happening this? I say Stop, stop in the name of Law, I say Stop Chingum Sir please stop in the name of law, catch them. If I stop I will fall, where have I stucked? Oh! My god Somebody do something in the name of law, how will I go out? Why fear when Chingum is here, it’s impossible to escape from Chingum’s web, oh! My god May all bitter medicines go in your mouth, where he stucked. Oh! My lord, He has not stucked, infact he is gone. Help me! Help me in the name of law, mother in law, father in law. Brother in law, help me in the name of any law, oh! My god. Chingum Sir, I am coming. Haha! Now is the fun. Help! Stop it, help is there anyone, help, Chingum Sir, help Oh! My God, you help me. Help! Who has got the locket ? Oh! My God, I haven’t fired yet. This is the locket which these Goons are wanting it . I am Chingum, Inspector Chingum, it’s impossible to escape from Chingum’s web. John, today you are arrested and then I will rest, Game over ! I am Chingum, Inspector Chingum, it’s impossible to escape from Chingum’s web. John, today you are arrested and then I will rest, Game over! Get my revolver fast Yes Sir take it ! Oh! My lord Chingum sir he is hypnotised, he assumes you as John, run, or else he will shoot. Oh! My god, help! Stop in the name of law, Swear in the name of mother, I won’t leave you.