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with Modfly Alters in this awesome Unmask. I mean come on this is genius.
An Unmask that’s altered to be the mask of Deadpool. That’s just cool! I love the art
style, colors are perfect, the red is spot on. Plus, the little nicks, creases, and
wrinkles really brings it all together. Makes it look like it’s been
battle-tested – really enjoy this alter. Modfly’s next piece is a Meren of Clan Nel
Toth. That little guy looks familiar to you? It should! It’s a Black Mage from the
Final Fantasy series. Hard to say no to that. The color choices here again, spot-on. The bright green on his hands look great The shadowing across the chest is
flawless. The wizard’s hat even has some glare from the flame. It’s spectacular! Not
to mention he extended the original art too. So much going right with this alter, very
impressive. Next up is MRB Alters. We’ll begin with this ode Norman Rockwell. I don’t even know where to start when commenting on this perfection. The faded tattoos on the back of the card look exquisite, the man’s face is perfect, the
shading on its skin, and the clothing is phenomenal. From the color of the vest to the color
of the shirt, the contrast with the black – I can’t even! Everything about this
screams work of art! At this point soon collector isn’t a card anymore, honestly,
not even close. This is something you put on display.
Definitely one of the best alterers we’ve ever had on their show, period! Even the
detail on the artists. I can’t even right now! MRB’s second piece is a
bit less… formal. This is Cthulhu on Wrexial. Makes sense considering Wrexial
basically is Cthulhu. Totally works, love it to death! Like some alterers we’ve seen in the past, I agree with
the decision to darken the entire bottom of the card. It might takeaway from where
your attention is supposed to be on the tentacle monster, itself. Great detail
paid to the tentacles and even the water dripping off them, if you look closely.
The waves are drawn masterfully, looking sufficiently violent and crash like. Add
in the couple of streaks of lightning in the top right and you have a sweet
looking alter. This is definitely a card I want is a commander. It’s good stuff! Our last artist of the day is Luey Dragons Alters. Beastmaster Ascension could not
have been a better choice for a jungle book inspired alter. The shades of green
used throughout really set the tone of the piece. It seems almost tranquil due
to the color scheme, everything looks great. I especially enjoy the random
shades of blue used to create some contrast in the trees and leaves. Not
much more to say about this, but the shadowing shading and overall feel of
the altar. Luey’s a second piece is an old-school Granite Gargoyle. I think this
is genius! The scroll over the name and casting cost is the perfect shade of red,
the scroll the text box looks fantastic, the old-school tears in the sides of it
along with the use of color makes it realistic, along with the brick border,
this doesn’t even look like a magic card anymore. Almost like it should be from some other
games, something more old school than magic. Can’t put my finger on it, but yeah,
something about this – another card that’s more art than card at this point, big fan. That’s going to do it for this
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