Whether it be for the art or the mechanics
of the card itself, players find themselves regularly debating over cards. But at the next level, some cards have turned
out to be downright controversial. I’m your host Mike and we’re going to
be talking about 5 Controversial Magic Cards. Nexus of Fate
We’re going to kick this off with a relatively recent one. Nexus of Fate was Core Set 2019’s Buy-a-Box
promo and is still only available in that version. This was only slightly inflammatory at first,
as players had gotten a lot of their initial outrage out during the announcement of the
previous Buy-a-Box exclusive Firesong and Sunspeaker. What really stoked the flames was its inclusion
as a 4-of in the Turbofog Standard deck. This deck would end up taking 5th place at
Pro Tour 25 and for some the sky began to fall. Ultimately, the deck was short lived and didn’t
see any long term dominance, but there was a moment where people were really upset about
it. Triumph of Ferocity
One of the coolest thing about Magic art is when it depicts scenes from the lore within
the game. Unfortunately, this isn’t always effectively
translated. Triumph of Ferocity was released in Avacyn
Restored and depicted a scene from a battle between two planeswalker favorites – Garruk
and Liliana. Without this context, it tends to be evocative
of domestic violence. This caused its fair share of debates on message
boards. Obviously, this type of imagery fuels perspectives
that Magic is a game that prefers to harbor sexism. It’s worth noting that Triumph of Cruelty,
a flavor-companion card, shows Liliana triumphing over Garruk. Thus far, Wizards has been smart enough not
to reuse the art and even commissioned different art for the Magic Online Promo version. Mental Misstep
Phyrexian Mana is a special type of mana that allows a player to pay 2 life rather than
pay the associated color. Phyrexian Mana was controversial in and of
itself, but Mental Misstep took it a step further. One of the most satisfying things to do in
a game of Magic is play a great 1-drop on turn 1. Mental Misstep brought the game to a point
of degeneracy where decks of all colors included a playset because it disrupted their opponents
so well. This went far enough to the point where Wizards
had no other choice but to ban the card in both Modern and Legacy – one of the few
times a banning was universally applauded. Invoke Prejudice
This controversial card ends up being a little creepy. Invoke Prejudice itself is an amazing card
and its inclusion on the Reserved List has pushed its market price to several hundred
dollars. Upon seeing the art, however, players have
found it to be eerily similar to depictions of Southern American racism which is only
worsened by the name of the card itself. But this is just a creepy coincidence right? Afraid not. In recent years, writers have spoken about
the artist Harold McNeil’s open interests in alt-right and other neo-nazi beliefs. Despite this card’s high price and playability,
Wizards has not bothered to include it in any of its Magic Online Reserved List sets. Given its history, it’s probably better
they leave this one in the past. Unholy Strength
This one will bring memories back to the early days of Magic, all the way to Limited Edition
Alpha. Magic’s inclusion of dark themes, angels,
and demons worried the more religious parents of the mid-90s who believed playing the game
was more or less an act against god. One such card that infuriated these types
was Unholy Strength. Though it seems tame and rather simple by
today’s standards, the simple inclusion of the pentagram in the background allowed
people to easily identify the game as an act of Satanism. There were enough complaints that the pentagram
was actually removed from the background in the Summer Magic and 4th Edition reprints. Aside from Unholy Strength, the games dark
themes in general even caused a school district crisis in a New York town. A small Magic club caused two people to accuse
the school district of sponsoring Satanism. Those were 5 controversial cards. Do you remember any of this outrage, and were
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