No matter how people try to ignore it, Magic
has a very active secondary market and most people who are serious about the game have
probably sold cards for various reasons. I’m your host Mike, and I’ll be talking
about Five Tips for Selling Magic Cards in different situations. Make It A Last Resort
Remember that your cards are assets and are worth something. That being said, I would caution anyone to
avoid selling their cards if they can. I’ve had a couple hiatuses throughout my
Magic career, and I definitely regret selling my collection almost a decade ago. Additionally, don’t sell your cards for
something useless like a fancy coffee or fast food. You may as well just throw your cards away. I Need Money Now
In this situation, you have an emergency and you need money now. Maybe your car blew a tire or got towed and
you need to get it fixed right away. Usually, the quickest way to get cash for
cards is through buylisting them at your Local Game Store. LGSes have an inherent demand for cards, and
frequently have the cash to back it up. Of course, the store won’t be offering you
anything near the market price of the card, because they need to make money on it as well. Typically, you can expect 40-60% of the card’s
value when buylisting to a LGS. This means that it should really only be used
when cash is needed right away. When using this method, one should expect
the store to be a bit investigative for large trade-ins, as this is a frequent practice
used by thieves to quickly liquidate stolen cards. I Need Money For An Upcoming Expense
This is a bit different from the last example. In this scenario, you still need money for
something important, but you have some time before you need it, such as school textbooks
that might be needed in a few weeks. This situation is where local social networking
groups really shine, especially Facebook. Most metropolitan areas will have a variety
of buy and sell groups on Facebook, and Twitter is known for its mtgbuysell hashtag. These online communities can be a great way
to get 75-85% of your cards’ value with no payment processing fees. On top of the fee advantage, there are savings
to be had in shipping costs by meeting locally, as well as the time and effort it takes to
pack and ship items which also eliminates the risk of mail fraud. I Want To Upgrade My Collection So far we have discussed situations where
there is a need to sell your cards, but what if you just want to upgrade your collection
a bit? Let’s say, for example, that you have a
set of Flooded Strands from Khans of Tarkir, and really want to upgrade to a set from Onslaught. Of course, “upgrading” means there will
be an inherent value difference and you will need to trade more than just your set to get
the one you want. For this purpose, any of the previous methods
can be used. In the case of Facebook groups, you might
even be able to trade sets by adding just a bit more on top of the trade. Something that was mentioned in the “Tips
for Managing your Collection” video, was using an online trading service to offload
more bulky cards. As mentioned, my preferred site is Cardsphere,
where you can offload a lot of bulk you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get more than a few
pennies for. Building up credit is rather easy and you’d
be amazed at what you can get for cards you considered practically worthless. I Want to Cash in my Collection
In the end, it might just be your time to get out of Magic. Maybe you’ve lost your love for the game,
or you want to retire to the kitchen table. Whatever your reasoning may be, you just know
that you want to get rid of what you have and get something for it. As has been the format for these tips, any
of the previous methods can work. The luxury of selling the entire collection
is that you can take as much time as you want. To get the most out of your collection, you
have the option to hold out selling until you get prices you’re more comfortable with. It is also relatively easy to find private
buyers of whole collections through social media sites. Those were Five Tips for Selling Magic Cards
in different scenarios. If you ever decide to sell some cards, I hope
you find these tips useful. And if you have questions, always feel free
to ask. If you liked this video please leave it a
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