Magic: Defined Modern. What is the Modern format? Modern is a constructed format that allows cards from all sets from Eighth Edition and forward to be played, so long as the card is not banned. If a card was originally printed before Eighth Edition, and then later reprinted in or after eighth Edition then that card is legal to be played in Modern. This includes time shifted cards that were printed during the time spiral block Unlike Extended, the format that Modern replaced cards never rotate out This means that unless it is later banned, cards that you can play with in Modern will always be legal. and the decks that you construct will never rotate out. Although most Modern decks have a higher initial cost than formats such as standard, the fact that they will never expire or rotate out is often cited as why the Modern format is generally considered more affordable in the long run. Constructed decks must contain a minimum of 60 cards There is no maximum deck size, so long as you are able to shuffle your deck without assistance. A sideboard of fifteen cards or fewer can be used. With the exception of basic land cards, a players combined deck and sideboard cannot contain more than 4 of any individual card Modern derives its name from the modern card frame first introducted in Eighth Edition. Many people use this as a quick reference to determine if a card is Modern legal. However, for any card printed before Eighth Edition but then reprinted in the modern card frame it is perfectly legal to use the older card in your deck. There are many sites that can tell you precisely which are Modern legal and which are not But my preferred site for this is Typing in any card name will give you an accurate answer as to which formats a card is legal in. This is convenient, not only for confirming whether a card is legal or not in Modern but also for determining legality for other formats as well. For introductory videos about various Modern decks you can see some of my deck lectures here, here, here and here.