It’s Wednesday July 3rd. Let’s take the pre-release kit challenge. How does this game work? I have six sealed pre-release kits from Dominaria. Which is 36 booster packs of Magic the Gathering, the exact same amount as is in a booster box I’m gonna open all six of these pre-release kits and see how much I can sell the rares Mythic foils and promos for and see if buy those cards that are over $2 each I was able to get my money back which in this case was $120 pre-release kits are a fascinating thing because unlike a booster box Which actually isn’t truly randomized you can get Crazy good pulls such as a Planeswalker in every kit whereas in a booster box You’ve only got three to four mythix on average and maybe only one of them will be a Planeswalker Meanwhile opening up 6 pre-release kits. Who knows? Let’s find out just whether or not we can get our money back and if so how much more we may have walked away with now obviously there is no Second day of this challenge because right now on July 3rd I cannot buy six more pre-release kits. Certainly not for the pre-order price that I paid of 120 for all six I always say to people if you’re looking to just buy one booster box of the new set and your store has a really great Pre-release offer like where you sign up for all six events you get a discount like I can get I actually like taking this gamble on the pre-release kits even if I can’t attend every Event. I am able to maybe get better pulls, but maybe it won’t be let’s find out “Oh, wow, this will go great in my Baron Sengir edh deck!” said no commander player ever. “Oh, wow, this will make a great Baral Deck!” said no Baral player ever. Oooh, not particularly good this time But remember had I actually gone in to play it pre-release and I didn’t even need to do all six Maybe I just did one. Maybe I just did two pre-release events I’m actually getting the bonus of added value of just actually getting to play Magic the Gathering which to me is The best value there is in addition to that if I’ve got a cool local game store. They’re probably offering prizes Maybe I’m gonna go three and four or even undefeated and walk away with a big stack of extra Dominaria booster packs I always say that pre-releases are worth it one of the best events To attend and so buy a box to take home and crack? Eh. buy a bunch of pre-release kits to take home and crack? Eh. or Actually just attend pre-release get your kit and play Magic the Gathering Hey core set is coming up And this one it looks like the “M” in M19 stands for masters because there is some really great value I hope to see you down at your local games store and This video is brought to you by my and many other people’s local games store Card Kingdom a brick-and-mortar Pillar of this community as well as the Patreon support of viewers Such as you these are the people that keep tellurian community college going and growing strong. So, thank you