(Slurping sounds) I was recently a guest on the Commanderin podcast. Which by the way if you haven’t already listened to, you can do so here. Link in the description as well. And in between our arguing about Harry Potter and Doctor Who, we actually found some time to talk about Commander. One thing that came up was my admitting that i include some Of the Ravnica guildgates in certain decks on flavor grounds. Which solicited a great deal of groaning and moaning and huramphing from the shows hosts. well since then I’ve been thinking a lot about dual lands, multi-lands for multi-colored decks, mana fixing and the like Especially how it relates to Commander. And so presented here, are five of the lesser known budget dual and multi lands that are ideal for Commander Unless you are running a mono-colored deck building a mana base for your Commander deck can often be an expensive and arduous task. but these lands that I’m about to show you, have slipped under the radar for a lot of players And almost all of them can be had for about fifty cents each. So why dont we geet right down to it. Starting at number five, are the budget fetch lands, from the Mirage block Bad River was recently reprinted. In the Zendikar Vs. Eldrazi Duel Deck. But there’s actually half of a cycle of these budget fetch lands. That are.. Yes… strictly worse than the fetch lands you are used to from Onslaught and Zendikar But nonetheless, if you’re running Azorius, Dimir, Rakdos, Gruul or Selesnya colors in your commander deck Then you might want to pick a few of these up. Here’s why Their drawback is that they come into play tapped. But unlike Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds, they can grab shock lands or even the original dual lands So, while these are indeed worse than the Onslaught and Zendikar fetch lands They are strictly better that cards like Evolving Wilds which is run in a lot of commander decks. Best of all they are available for all under a buck each! Now many of you might be pointing to the fact that these are just as slow as a Ravnica Guildgate And the only upside to one of those Guildgates is an insignificant filtering effect that it might have on your deck Hey! Fair enough. So, is there the opposite of those pesky Guildgates? A dual land we can use immediately, right away. But then it’s going to slow down a bit. Welp, coming in at #4 we have the aptly named “Slow Lands.” From Tempest, and Champion of Kamigawa, and I’m also going to include the depletion lands from Ice Age because they are basically the same thing. These lands all come into play untapped. And you can tap for 1 of 2 mana colors immediately. But they will not untap on your next turn. However, they will untap the turn after that. Meaning they can be used every other turn. While these are far from amazing, their cost of less than $0.50 each makes them a great budget option to pepper your mana base with. Alright, let’s stop playing around! I want to talk about an often over looked, but still amazing multi-land And at #3, that’s the Planeshift lairs. I don’t understand why these don’t cost more. Like the Ravnica bounce lands, you return a land you control to your hand when one of these comes into play With the catch being, the land you return can’t also be a lair Which, lets be honest, isn’t a problem. They also enter untapped, so you can tap them for any one of the 3 mana options. And you can do this the turn the come into play. Sure you are returning a land to your hand, but nothing has stopped you from tapping that land for a mana and then returning it to your hand. or targeting a land that at least gives you an enter the battle field effect Like a Halimer depths or Bajuka Bog Again, these are a must have if you are in the Alara allied colors. Sadly, the cycle was never completed. So, those of you playing with Tarkir wedges, don’t have access to these. So, if you think it’s sad that the lair cycle never completed Our next card, is even more depressing of an incomplete cycle. Because it’s so great for Commander but it’s a one-of… Coming in at #2, that’s Krosan Verge Ugh! I really hope we see the other 9 variations of this printed someday, one day Because it’s a great card and if you’ve got green and white as colors in your commander deck This is a must run for only, ya again, 50 cents! Krosan Verge enters tapped and can be tapped for 1 colorless mana But what is really of interest to us is the fact you can spend 2 colorless and sacrifice it to go through you library for both a plains and a forest card and place them onto the battlefield tapped And yes! You can do this the turn Verge comes into play This is great in Commander, and besides just a basic plains a forest You can grab anything, from a Breeding Pool to a Dryad Arbor to a Sapseed Forest A Snow-covered plains or even a Bayou! The possibilities here are numerous. Grabbing 2 dual lands such as a breeding pool and a sacred foundry get’s you four mana colors put onto the battlefield. Are you running a five color deck? You need to run one of these. Now, there was a similar card printed just for Commander called Myriad Landscape. Which, for now, is just under a dollar each. but if this doesn’t get reprinted in every single subsequent Commander product then I have a feeling the price will go up fast. Myriad Landscape is a much worse card than Krosan Verge Requiring you to only grab 2 of the same basic lands, only basic lands. While still nice, is much worse than Verge. Alright, so which is the best budget land card on this list that’s still often forgotten? Well, it’s sadly not 50 cents like pretty much everything else on this list. In fact, it’s going to cost you a couple of bucks. Uh, litterally, I mean like depending on which colors you go for it might be $2 or even $3 even $3.50 That’s right, coming in at #1 it’s the Odyssey filter lands. When people think of filter lands, they often think of the ones from Llorwyn. Which can filter your mana into any combination of 2 within their colors. Well, the Odyssey lands are slightly more limited in that they only give you the option of 1 of each color But when you look at the prices of Llorwyn filter lands being HOLY SMOKES! Up to $20 to $30 each And the Odyssey filter lands being a couple bucks each! Well that downside just feels more and more minimal. Sadly, it’s an incomplete cycle So you’ve only got five of the ten possible two color combinations. But none the less, at this low of a price I’d scoop up the colors you need before they end up showing up in standard at some point And skyrocket to $20 each forever. I hope this video has been of some help to you. And you can help me out by remembering to subscribe like and share or even just by leaving a comment. Is there a great budget card for Commander that you think often goes over looked? Let me know about it in the comments below. And this video like all of my videos is brought to you by the generous support of viewers who have donated to me through Patreon. Even donations as small as $1 have enabled me to keep this channel going strong So, thank you!