so i have done few speaker videos here on unbox therapy Bluetooth speakers non Bluetooth speakers actually pretty much all bluetooth speakers that the thing its about bluetooth speakers these days so when this thing showed up i was like wait what are telling me drop and play wireless speaker no wires no bluetooth no wifi excuse me you just drop your smartphone on a speaker and play your music compatible with all devices with a working speaker so somehow takes whats coming out of speaker on your device and like re-amplifier i dont i dont no!! so i am doing a video from a company called olixar switch on and drop your speaker a line your smart phone with this icon listen to this instantly amplified sound all with no wires no Bluetooth or WiFi now you are probably wondering hey why would i want that lue like whats the deal here whats the big deal once you connect with your Bluetooth its pretty easy next time around just turn the thing on link up no big deal BUT BUT you know are having a party you are at party and everybody is playing there clips playing there music now what do you want you to have all the different people trying to pair up and link up its a whole thing maybe this the solution right here maybe what you really need is next leval techology where you drop it onn more naturally do you link do you wanna pair are you sure about that are you sure about that built in induction technology for you crystal clear sound i dont know if i would buy it they claim it the easiest way to play music in the he world louder than whats already in your smart phone maybe they got some special okay usb cable and mini jack cable and maybe they ampied this too much see what i did there maybe my expectations are too high it feels really light weight there is blue led and these thats where your speakers are supposed to go i guess depending on your device man that seems wired i am is nervous this by the way 7 plus okay that just out the speacker ooh that works i guess it can move around oooh the loction of your device is huge what is happeneing are you … here we go your closer thats crazy i am guessing somehow the vibration on the internal speaker on your device is somehow being absorbed by this material and transfer down to this channel now there is an electrical component obviously there is onn switch its not the speaker grills is whatever speaker lives and its where speacker lives **plays music** and once it lines up those interal specker units you got this mega increase in volume lets just something else at it for the sake of it so i got pixel over here pixel XL whoow this one amplifies way more something that happens here on office all time call coming suppose to be on speacker phone need a real quick conference and its like which Bluetooth device which phone am i on i look up the phone i am like how do i connect how do i…… i am gonna up call aj HELLO yoo aj whats up man whats going on man do like karake or something like that what about one those tongue twister thing ooh the wood chuck when the wood chuck chuck yeah yeah if the wood chuck could chuck he would chuck jack sucks how much wood would chuck chuck if a would chuck could chuck wood how much wood would chuck chuck if a would chuck could chuck wood holy smokes you just proved the concept that was way louder big difference a huge i think i gonna have to give aj a few thumbs up this is not easy it might look easy it might seem easy but what aj just did thats some high level stuff thumbs up come on guys show me some love alright thanks man from a quality prospective you are not on the same page as a dedicated speaker but that not really the idea this is amplifaiction in the pitch keep on of these in the coffee tables keep one of these in the family room anybody trying to ampilfy anything it can be use very easily do that pop the tunes someone else can kick them out and they pick it up where that person left off and of that i think its pretty cool